2018 IASB Employee Relations Conference

Thursday, Oct. 18, 2018, 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
The Meadows Conference Center, Altoona

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Employee relations is one of the most crucial areas of focus for governance teams, but can also be one of the biggest hurdles. Attendees will catch up on the latest HR hot topics, takeaway best practices and tips, and gain knowledge to help stay ahead of the curve.

General Sessions

Takeaways & Tips for Bargaining in 2019
Jim Hanks, Shareholder, Ahlers & Cooney, P.C. and Jeff Krausman, Shareholder, Dickinson Law Firm
When should bargaining start? What can boards do to start preparing? And how do we bargain in the post HF 291 world? Hear from two experienced school law attorneys on how collective bargaining can be improved in 2019.

They Said What?! Applying Law and Policy to Employee Use of Social Media
Kristy Latta, Shareholder, Ahlers & Cooney, P.C. and Josie Lewis, HR Director, West Des Moines Schools
Social media is everywhere and widely used by employees - both professionally and personally. What happens when an employee’s social media blurs the lines between personal expressions and professional responsibilities? In this session, learn how law, board policy and administrative regulations should guide the school district's response.

Investigating Allegations of Sexual Harassment and Assault in the #MeToo Era
Miriam Van Heukelem, Shareholders, Ahlers & Cooney, P.C. and Sheila Mason, HR Director–Classified Staff, Des Moines Schools
School districts across the country are seeing an increase in the number of allegations of sexual misconduct by district employees. Allegations of this nature must be taken seriously and require a swift and thorough investigation by the district. This session details the legal requirements of workplace investigations and provides practical tips to help prevent sexual misconduct by employees.

Documented Reasons: Employee Separations and Personnel Records in Iowa Schools
Steve Avery, Attorney, Cornwall, Avery, Bjornstad & Scott
In 2017, the Iowa Legislature modified Iowa’s laws relating to personnel records. Personnel records that were once considered confidential are now available to the public. Hear from an experience school law attorney on how these changes can impact employee separations in your district.

Breakout Sessions


Maximizing IASB Compensation Resources
Eric Howard, HR Services Director, Shawn Snyder, Associate Executive Director, Government Relations and School Finance, IASB
Learn how to use IASB’s compensation resources to make informed decisions that will benefit your district. This session will provide an overview of the library of tools available to districts as well as current trends in teacher compensation and benefits.

The Promises and Pitfalls of the Superintendent Evaluation
Harry Heiligenthal, Associate Executive Director, Board Development, Siobhan Schneider, Policy and Legal Services Director, IASB
Effective evaluation supports growth and improvement. This session will address some best practices relating to the superintendent evaluation.  This includes preparation, goal setting, indicators of progress and taking steps to pro-actively meet legal considerations, board policy, and timelines.


Workers’ Compensation: Reducing Injuries IS Possible
Kevin Clayton, Risk Improvement Engineer, EMC Insurance
Reducing risk is easier than you think. Learn about steps that your board and administration can take to help lower workers’ compensation premiums.


The Pros and Cons of Operational Sharing
Duane Wilhite, Superintendent and Board Member, North Fayette Valley CSD, Julie Trepa, Superintendent and staff member West Monona CSD and West Harrison CSD
Operational sharing helps districts reduce costs and ensure that districts can properly serve their communities. Hear two districts discuss how they decided which positions to share, the pros and cons of operational sharing and the challenges serving different districts.

Labor Management Committees: An Opportunity for Employee Engagement
Susan Bolte, Administrative Law Judge, Public Employment Relations Board
Recent changes to Iowa’s collective bargaining laws have created the opportunity for districts to engage employees in new ways. Hear one district’s story of how employees and management address labor relations in the Post HF 291 world.

Staff Evaluation, Discipline and the Board
Davis Eidahl, Superintendent, Rick Jedlicka, Board Member, Solon CSD
Evaluation and discipline are important ways to ensure the district is employing a high-quality staff and in turn maintaining a quality education program. This session will discuss the roles of the superintendent and board regarding staff evaluation and discipline, what can the board know and how the board and superintendent team can work together to ensure the district is employing a high-quality staff.

Ensuring School Safety: It Takes a Village

Gary Delacy, Superintendent, Jenny Green, Board Vice President, Clinton Community School District, Kevin Gyrion, Chief, Clinton Police Department, Mike Brown, Chief, Clinton Fire Department
Ensuring our schools are safe and secure is a community concern and responsibility. Come and learn how Clinton engages with key community stakeholders on a systematic basis to follow best practice for school safety. Panelists will share how efforts such as the joint School Resource Officer program, quarterly safety meetings, and annual ALICE training with live drills help provide a safe and secure culture and facilities for staff and students.

Registration Details

Fee: $140 per person, $170 after Oct. 9. Fee includes program, materials and lunch.

   For more information, contact Marte Brightman at mbrightman@ia-sb.org or by phone (515) 247-7048.

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