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Congratulations on your election to your school board. All students in Iowa deserve excellence and equity when it comes to their education. The Iowa Association of School Boards® (IASB®) is dedicated to that mission and to supporting the local school board members charged with governing and providing policy direction for the school districts serving those students.

What is IASB? IASB is a nonprofit membership organization governed by your locally elected peers across the state. We provide education, advocacy and services to more than 2,100 K-12, area education agency and community college board members across the state.

How can IASB help me? We believe that the actions of local school boards can have a profound impact on student achievement, and are dedicated to helping you take advantage of all we have to offer in order for you to be your best on the board. Your IASB staff team has created a host of resources you can use as a starting point as you learn about your new role. We are also planning conferences and other events full of valuable learning and networking opportunities.

If you have any questions, IASB is just a phone call away: (515) 288-1991.

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Check Out Key Resources to Hit the Ground Running

School Board Member Handbook—This essential handbook covers roles and responsibilities, leadership, student achievement, board meetings, superintendent relations, school finance and more.

Board Roles and Responsibilities Toolkit—Includes a guide to learning about the state of your district, traits of effective school boards, sample code of ethics, legal authority and more.

Standards for Effective School Boards—These standards are designed for use by local school boards as a common framework for excellence in school board governance.

A Glossary of Education Terms for School Board Members—Decode acronyms and familiarize yourself with terms every school board member should know.

Tips for New Board Members—These tips, culled from the advice of experienced school board members, can help you make the most of your board service.

School Board Members and Social Media—Navigating the world of social media can be tricky—this advice can help steer you in the right direction!

School Finance Glossary of Terms—Get a crash course in school finance with our handy financial glossary terms PDF. 

Advocacy 101—Learn how to meet and establish a relationship with your local legislators, so you can effectively advocate for public education.

2024 Public Policy Agenda—Learn IASB's legislative priorities to better focus your advocacy on policies that can help improve student achievement.

For team activities designed to orient new team members visit Orienting to Board Service.


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