2022–23 Annual Board Awards Recipients

Annual Board Awards highlight commitment to professional growth. To receive an award, recipients have earned hours through participation in IASB learning opportunities.

Photos Available! Check out our Flickr album for photos of the 2022–23 ABA recipients who attended the IASB® Annual Convention and stopped by the booth to have their photo taken and pick up their award. Captions are included in all photos. 

Award Winners

Individual Achievement Award: Board members who receive an Individual Achievement Award have earned a minimum of 15 hours in one year. Recipients are organized in order of school district/AEA.

Award of Honor: Given to each superintendent, AEA administrator or community college president who earns a minimum of 15 hours as an individual and has at least two board members in the district, AEA or community college who have earned Individual Award of Achievement certificates.

Team Achievement Award: Presented to a whole board when a majority of its board members receive Individual Award of Achievement certificates for the year and the board has a policy that supports board development.

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Press Release Templates

IASB understands the importance of showing your community and stakeholders that you are committed to learning. In addition to a statewide press release announcing all winners, IASB also provides sample press releases for you to customize at the local level and send out to your local media. 

Individual Award Press Release

Individual-Honor Award Press Release

Individual-Team-Honor Award Press Release

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