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The Leadership Team works to ensure that the association is meeting the mission, vision, core values, and strategic goals set forth by the IASB Board of Directors and ensure the work of the IASB staff aligns with those targets. They work directly with our Affiliated Programs to ensure that these relationships are reliable, revenue stable, and provide the best possible service to our members. This team manages external relationships with facility management, vendors, and other statewide and national associations. One of their primary responsibilities is to ensure the association is financially stable, sustainable, and transparent, and that the association follows all state rules and regulations regarding nonprofit associations.

Lisa Bartusek

Lisa Bartusek

Executive Director

Lisa Bartusek has been the Executive Director for the Iowa Association of School Boards since 2014. As IASB’s chief executive officer, Lisa is responsible for providing leadership in developing and maintaining programs and services that support school board effectiveness and advocacy for Iowa’s more than 1,800 elected school board members. Lisa was previously the Associate Executive Director for Board Leadership and the Communications Director at IASB and returned to the association after five years on the senior management team at the national level. Lisa also worked for nine years in communications and public information for the Iowa Department of Education.

Lisa earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Iowa, and graduated from Bettendorf Community Schools.

Lisa can be reached via email or by calling (515) 247-7072.

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Calvin VandeKrol

Calvin VandeKrol

Chief Financial Officer

Calvin VandeKrol has been the Chief Financial Officer at the Iowa Association of School Boards since 2021. He ensures the integrity and viability of association finances, provides strategic management of accounting and finance functions, directs and oversees financial activities and preparation of all financial reports for the IASB Board of Directors, and ensures risk management procedures are in place.

Calvin earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Masters in Business Administration from Metropolitan State University and is a certified public accountant. Prior to joining IASB, he owned his own consulting business and was the Vice President of Finance and controller for an instrumentality of the government. Calvin is a graduate of Southeast Polk Community Schools.

Calvin can be reached via email or by calling (515) 247-7030.

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Stephanie Rousseau

Stephanie Rousseau

Executive Assistant

Stephanie Rousseau has been the Executive Assistant at the Iowa Association of School Boards since 2017. She provides support to the executive director and the IASB Board of Directors. Stephanie brought 15 years of experience supporting senior level executives in the private sector, including the engineering/architectural, property/facilities management, manufacturing, and software industries. Prior to joining IASB, she was self-employed, serving as office manager, legal assistant, and property manager of their family-owned law firm.

Stephanie earned an Associates Degree in Business Management/Legal from AIB and is a graduate of Garwin Community Schools (now GMG).

Stephanie can be reached via email or by calling (515) 247-7042.

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