Safety Group Insurance Program

Safety Group Insurance Program logoSince 1974, the Iowa Association of School Boards® has collaborated with Jester Insurance Services, Inc., and EMC Insurance Companies to bring Iowa schools a comprehensive and competitive insurance program. Expansions and improvements to the program have been made continuously to meet the ever-changing needs of school districts and keep pace with educational changes, laws and regulations.  

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IASB School Safety Group: The History, the Convenience & the Savings!

Advantages of the Plan

1. Cost Reduction. The Safety Group Insurance Program provides very competitive yet stable insurance pricing. The possibility of a dividend allows the maximum possible reduction in insurance costs. If earned, a dividend, which is the amount of premium which exceeds the losses and company overhead expenses, would be returned to participants in proportion to their premiums paid to the safety group. Since 1974, the plan has returned more than $90 million to Iowa Schools.

2. Safety and Loss Control Programs. An important element of this insurance program is the comprehensive safety program administered by EMC Insurance Companies for all participants. Through the reduction of losses, members will ultimately realize the greatest possible savings in their insurance costs and a reduction in the number of accidents. Activities such as hazardous chemical audits, air quality testing, safety audits and safety training are coordinated by EMC and the managing agents.

3. Local Agency Service. Under this Safety Group Insurance Program, each school may use its own local insurance agent. Your agent does not need to be an EMC agent. The insurance company will license the agent you select to handle your Safety Group Insurance as a special agent for this purpose. The agent will receive insurance commissions for writing the school district’s business. Refer to our checklist Some Things Your Property and Casualty Insurance Agent Should Do For You for tips on evaluating the performance of your district's agent of record.

4. Improved Insurance Coverage. Each school district has its own separate policy with coverage and limits designed to meet its individual needs. Minimum coverage guidelines will be suggested to assist members in protecting their assets, while at the same time adequate coverage will be provided on a sound and economical basis to address taxpayer concerns. Additionally, a wide range of optional coverages are available to suit the individual needs of each member.

5. Shared Group Excess Policy. Every school participating in the Safety Group Program shares coverage in an Excess Liability policy. This coverage is for catastrophic claims and offered at a very reasonable cost. It is the only such program available to schools in the country. This special group excess liability policy applies on top of the individual umbrella liability policy that each school carries in its own name, and of course all of that is excess over the school’s primary liability coverage.  

Safety Group Insurance Program: Complimentary Services

EMC Insurance Companies has been providing Iowa schools free loss control since 1974. The following is an outline of some of the services offered. EMC can work individually with any district on unique or custom services to meet its risk management and safety needs.
  • Hazard Control Assessments
    • Slip and Fall
    • Material Handling
    • Security
    • Ergonomics
  • Fleet Safety, Including Driver Monitoring Discounts from SuperVision
  • Injury Management Services
    • Return to Work
    • Prework Screening
    • Select Provider
    • EMC OnCall Nurse
  • Industrial Hygiene Services
    • Chemical Exposure Assessments—ChemEyes
    • Indoor Air Quality
    • Noise Assessments
  • eRisk Hub—Data Breach Resources
  • Equipment Protection Services
  • Commercial Property Valuations

Web-Based Services

School specific section of website:

  • SafeSchools & EMC Online Training
  • SafeSchool Alert
  • Safety Program Templates
  • Streaming Safety Videos
  • Newsletters
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Safety & Operational Forms
  • Mobile Apps
  • Safety Briefs
  • Safety Signs & Posters
  • Technical Information Sheets
For more information about the Safety Group Insurance Program, email Calvin VandeKrol or call (515) 247-7030. For more information about EMC’s services, please contact

Safety Group Insurance Program Advisory Committee

The Safety Group Advisory Committee represents the comprehensive property, casualty, and workers’ compensation insurance needs of member school districts, area education agencies and community colleges. Read the full purpose statement, responsibilities, meeting dates and more.

For more information about the Safety Group Insurance Program, email Calvin VandeKrol or call (515) 247-7030.

Safety Group Toolkit

Local Insurance Agent Expectations—This document can help members understand and establish expectations regarding the types of services districts should receive from their local insurance agent. These expectations have also been distributed to all local agents affiliated with the program. We encourage members to have a conversation with their local agent regarding these expectations, including a discussion of whether or not the district feels their specific needs and expectations are being met.

Local Property and Casualty Insurance Agent Request for Proposal (RFP)—Member districts are free to select any independent insurance agent to utilize as their local agent. In the event that a member district would like to select a new agent or simply evaluate multiple potential agents, the local RFP will help members make an objective evaluation and an informed decision. The RFP is a template and can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your school district.
Ask Me icon For more information about the Safety Group Insurance Program, email Calvin VandeKrol or call (515) 247-7030.

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