Advocacy Center: Be a Voice for Iowa Public Schools

The need for advocacy on behalf of Iowa public schools has never been greater. The decisions made by the Iowa General Assembly and at the national level impact your school district and the education of Iowa's 487,000 public school students. As our state strives to implement far-ranging educational reforms, with limited resources—we must stand together. IASB is here is help you be a strong and effective voice for public education with our advocacy toolkits, powerful coalitions with other education organizations and engagement in national issues. Together, we can make your message heard on issues that matter for Iowa students.

Statement on NSBA Request for Federal Assistance Regarding Threats and Acts of Violence: An update to our members regarding IASB's position on the letter the National School Boards Association (NSBA) recently sent to President Biden requesting federal law enforcement assistance to address threats of violence or intimidation toward school boards and educators.  

December REC Update: Read IASB's analysis of the Revenue Estimating Conference's (REC) Dec. 13, 2021 meeting.

Day on the Hill

Join public education advocates from across the state on Feb. 1. We'll start the day with issue education at the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden and then head to the Capitol to meet with legislators. Register today!

2022 Legislative Guide

NEW! Download the 2022 Legislative Guide to aid your advocacy efforts! The guide includes an overview of legislative beliefs, people to know, advocacy advice, important dates and more.

Find your legislators by entering your address. Use the "School District" tab to find all the legislators that represent your district.

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Advocacy in Action

Keep up-to-date on what's happening in the legislature with an update from under the golden dome, read bill summaries, and find out ways your advocacy can make an immediate difference.

Capitol Chats Has Merged with BoardCast

  • Episodes of the popular advocacy-focused Capitol Chats: Across the Aisle with IASB podcast will now be released through the BoardCast podcast for member convenience. Watch for the Capitol Chats name in the title for all advocacy episodes. Thanks for listening!

Advocacy 101

Learn the tips and tricks to being an effective advocate for Iowa public education.

2021 Legislative Summary

Read a comprehensive summary of the 2021 legislative session with bill summaries, wins for IASB and a full breakdown of appropriations impacting schools.


IASB has developed these resources to assist members with district-specific information related to current legislative issues.
Supplemental State Aid Toolkit icon
 Use the SSA toolkit to help you talk to your legislators about the importance of setting a state aid rate as it allows your district to plan for the future.

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District Cost Per Pupil Toolkit icon
 The District Cost Per Pupil (DCPP) toolkit provides details on the amount of per pupil funding that generates spending authority and revenue for the regular program and other programs for all school districts.

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Transportation Funding Toolkit icon
The transportation toolkit provides information to help in advocating for changes that will create more equity in school transportation funding without impacting educational programs.

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Vouchers Toolkit icon
The vouchers toolkit provides resources to help spread awareness about the negative impact of school vouchers.

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English Learners Funding Toolkit icon
The English Learners Funding Toolkit provides information on the importance of funding specialized services for English language learners.

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Dropout Prevention Toolkit icon
Use the Dropout Prevention toolkit to learn about the statutory inequity within dropout prevention funding and the importance of a legislative fix to ensure per pupil equity across the state.

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