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To subscribe to the IASB® Policy Reference Manual or for assistance with your subscription service, email Marte Brightman or call (515) 247-7048.

Policy Reference Manual

This resource makes it easy to ensure your district is practicing good governance through policy, as well as a time-saver for staff. This is an incredible value and a must-have service for our member districts.

IASB's Policy Reference Manual provides subscribing districts with comprehensive online access to more than 430 sample policies, administrative regulations and exhibits needed to comply with state and federal laws—and most importantly, effectively operate a school district. IASB staff experts develop sample policies and ensure they are well-vetted with input from state agencies and members in the field. In addition, this subscription includes quarterly and special release updates through our Policy Primer newsletter. This newsletter issues new policies and/or updates to existing sample policies including explanations of why the policies are needed or laws that have changed impacting policy. 

Member Fee: $775 per year.

Online Access: Access the online Policy Reference Manual using your username and password from any device.
Ask Me icon For questions, email Marte Brightman or call (515) 247-7048.

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