Legislative Resolutions Committee (LRC)

The Legislative Resolutions Committee (LRC) is made of up school board members and a board member from the Area Education Agencies (AEA) and the community colleges. Board members on the LRC represent school districts of all sizes from Schleswig to Sioux City.

The LRC meets twice a year during the summer to review and make recommendations on the proposed IASB legislative platform. The LRC receives feedback from district submissions to the Call for Legislative Priorities. The committee reviews all the proposals and submissions in order to recommend a set of legislative beliefs, resolutions, and priorities, which together make the legislative platform. Once the LRC finalizes its recommendations, they are sent to the IASB Board of Directors to review and approve. The final legislative platform is then presented to delegates at the IASB Delegate Assembly in November for their approval.

Serving on the LRC

Members of the committee are appointed by the IASB Board of Directors for a term lasting three years. There is not a limit on the number of terms a committee member can serve. You must be a sitting school board, AEA, or community college board member to serve on the LRC.

There are currently not open seats, but If you're interested in serving on the committee in the future, please email Government Relations Director Michelle Johnson.

View the current LRC committee members.

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