Serving on the Board of Directors

The Iowa Association of School Boards is governed by a 17-member Board of Directors, which includes officers as well as regional directors from nine Director Districts and representatives from Iowa area education agencies and community colleges. Directors serve three-year terms. The IASB President-elect is elected by the Delegate Assembly for a two-year term.

Nominating Procedures for the IASB Board of Directors 

This year, representatives will be elected to the IASB Board of Directors in IASB Director Districts #2, #4, #5*, #6**, #7 and AEA. To be considered for nomination, you must be a member of a board that is a member of IASB and complete the Statement of Candidacy by Wednesday, October 25, 2023. Please return the Statement of Candidacy to Stephanie Rousseau at or mail to her attention at 6000 Grand Ave., Des Moines, IA 50312.

The nominating caucus will be held during the morning break of the IASB Delegate Assembly on November 15, 2023. The purpose of the caucus is to nominate not more than two board members as candidates for each open position. All delegates attending the Delegate Assembly from Director Districts #2, #4, #5*, #6**, #7 and AEA are eligible to participate in the nominating process. Voting on nominated candidates occurs on November 20–December 20 through the Simply Voting online voting system.

*The open seat in Director District #5 is to complete the remaining year of a three-year term ending January 2025.

**Two seats are available in Director District #6. One seat is to complete the remaining two years of a term ending January 2026. The other will be a full three-year term ending January 2027. 

Role & Responsibility of the IASB Board of Directors

Current IASB Board of Directors

Role and Responsibility of the Board

Nomination and Election Procedures for IASB District Director 

Time Commitment: Upcoming Meeting Dates—2023

Time Commitment: Upcoming Meeting Dates⁠—2024

IASB Director Districts

Under the IASB Bylaws, members are organized into regions called Director Districts. This structure supports both representative governance and networking. 

List of School Districts by IASB Director District

Map Detail

Color coded map of Iowa Director Districts





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