Iowa Construction Advocate Team (ICAT)

ICAT logoThe Iowa Association of School Boards® collaborates with Estes Construction to offer the Iowa Construction Advocate Team (ICAT). This program’s unique Integrated Project Delivery uses a construction management approach proven to provide low costs, higher satisfaction and better quality.

  • Should we build new or renovate?
  • I’m a new superintendent with a building project. Where do I start?
  • Is now a good time to build?
  • How can we keep on schedule and under budget?
  • Who will be our advocate?
  • What questions do we ask?
If you have ever asked any of these questions about a current or potential school construction project, then ICAT’s Integrated Project Delivery is just what you need. This collaborative approach includes the school district, community, financial provider, designer and construction team in one unified process. By harnessing these talents, you’ll optimize results, reduce waste and maximize efficiency through all phases of design, construction and beyond. Guided by principles of trust transparency, and communication, this delivery method will help your board members be good financial stewards to the community and comply with state regulatory guidelines.

ICAT Services

  • Facilities evaluation service to determine the district’s course of action with a full report and recommendations to present to the board
  • Assistance with selecting architects and other construction professionals
  • Master planning
  • Radon detection
  • Construction site and schedule evaluation, problem solving and recommendations
  • Guidance on soliciting qualified contractors for competitive bids
  • Guidance with cash flow management, costs and tools
  • Assistance in determining bonding and finance capacities
  • Reports to community and stakeholder groups/meetings
  • Assistance in architectural plan, costs and constructability reviews
  • Facilitate value engineering sessions

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ICAT Safety & Security Forum

Join ICAT on August 6, 2024 for an informative Safety & Security Forum featuring Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) practitioners Ryan Searles and Jon Cheatheam.

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Ask Me icon For questions or more information about ICAT, email Calvin VandeKrol or call (515) 247-7030.

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