Mental Health

We believe that student, educator, and staff mental health needs must be addressed and supported to improve student achievement, reduce dropout rates, and maintain a high-quality workforce. We call for improvements in state policy to equalize dropout prevention funding, increase access to mental health services in schools, and provide training to improve school staff understanding of student mental health needs.

Talking Points

Every student should have equal access to services to help them remain in school, progress, and graduate. The extra services school districts provide to students are essential to achieving this goal. 

Mental health supports for students and staff are becoming increasingly important to student achievement. More resources are critical to provide those supports through schools 

Increased access to services in schools coupled with a comprehensive mental health resource clearinghouse must be a top priority for the state.


Map: FY 2024 Dropout Prevention Program Statutory Funding Percentage – By District

Listing: FY 2024 Dropout Prevention Program Funding and Inequity Amount – By District

Dropout Prevention Program Funding: Learn all about dropout prevention funding and your district's use of it. 

Sample Emails to Legislators: Use this template to draft an email to your legislators on the importance of dropout prevention funding. 

Dropout Prevention Program Supports and Ideas: The Iowa Department of Education provides resources and ideas to create a successful dropout prevention program in your district, based on student outcomes. 

AEA Mental Health and Well-Being: Iowa's AEAs provide mental health supports to students across the state. This website can direct you to their resources on promoting healthy learning environments for all students.

Scanlan Center for School Mental Health: This partnership between the University of Iowa and the Iowa Department of Education is dedicated to school-based mental health by providing services to all of Iowa's schools.

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