Custom On-Site Workshops

Bring a customized, facilitated board learning workshop directly to your district. IASB will work with your governance team to design a workshop just for you, based on your board development goals and district needs. Popular topics are below, but each workshop emphasizes application to your specific situation. Most workshops are two to four hours and can be scheduled on weekdays, evenings or Saturdays at your convenience.

Fees:  Fees vary based on the length of the workshop. Costs cover the workshop and all materials for your board/superintendent team.   
In Person


1/2 hour 
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1 hour
2 hours  $450$350
3 hours
4 hours$750
5 hours+ 
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Note: No additional fee is charged for facilitator travel to your site.

Partner with a neighbor: IASB can also design workshops for multiple boards wishing to learn together. Invite a neighboring district or two to take part with your board. Workshops that include other school boards in your region are done at a reduced fee for each board.

Call IASB to schedule a workshop. Facilitators vary based on the topic. Start by emailing Emily Rhodes or calling (515) 247-7046. Emily will connect you to an IASB facilitator based on your topic.

10 Better Boardsmanship credits are awarded to participants in workshops facilitated by IASB staff.