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Simbli by eBOARDsolutions logoSimbli by eBOARDsolutions features four core integrated modules that help boards maximize productivity, bringing together meetings, planning, policies, and evaluations into one, easy-to-use board management software solution. Although each module is strong alone, the power to drive more effective board governance and achieve organizational excellence lies in their ability to work together. And with our iPad app and web browser accessibility, your board and its stakeholders can always get the information they need—anywhere, at any time.

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Eight Reasons to Choose Simbli

  1. Go beyond paperless meetings. Simbli is more than just a paperless board meeting solution. It is a suite of six integrated web-based governance modules. Effective governance requires strategic planning, sound policy, effective meetings, communications and evaluations. Simbli can help with all of these. 
  2. Go beyond the board. The paperless benefits of this system can be used throughout the organization to save money and other resources.
  3. Ensure goal alignment. Use this system to highlight which goals from the strategic plan match each agenda item. The “Goals Scorecard” reflects which goals are the focus of the meeting.
  4. Strategic plan management. Simbli is the only software of its kind that offers a web-based module to help districts organize, manage and monitor all of their strategic and school improvement plans. 
  5. Exclusive evaluation module. Only Simbli offers a web-based module to help districts organize and manage leadership level evaluations. These evaluations can be aligned to the strategic plan, meeting agendas and policies. 
  6. Experience in governance. Simbli was created by the Georgia School Board Association and specifically developed to meet the needs expressed by member board teams.
  7. Apple-approved iPad app. Simbli is the only web-based meeting product for education that has an Apple-approved iPad app available on the Apple app store. This easy-to-navigate app is free to download and allows users to take notes within the app.
  8. Integrated video-rich help system. A comprehensive, 24/7 interactive and integrated video-rich help system puts valuable resources at the user’s fingertips.

Simbli User Workshop

Whether you’re a seasoned power user or just starting out, we’ve got a workshop designed to enhance your skills and deepen your understanding! You're officially invited to join IASB staff and Simbli trainers for a complimentary Simbli User Workshop on Tuesday, June 25. Registration and hotel blocks open on March 26.

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