Our Mission, Vision & More

Since 1946, the Iowa Association of School Boards® has been committed to serving Iowa school boards and public schools. As a 501c4 nonprofit organization, the association advances the goals of its members through education, advocacy and service.

Our Mission

To educate, support, and inspire public school boards in their pursuit of world-class education for all students in Iowa.

Our Vision

All Iowa school boards demonstrate effective governance practices to foster commitment to a vision of success for all students, bring voice to the needs of the community, and ensure that Iowa public schools lead the nation.

Our Core Values

Service | Innovation | Accountability

Our Strategic Goals

Goal #1: To provide resources and engage board members with board development opportunities that meet member needs for effective governance.
Goal #2: To promote understanding of and advocate for the needs of all students and public education.
Goal #3: To enhance organizational efficacy, responsiveness and capacity.

Who We Serve

IASB® members include boards of education for Iowa’s public school districts, area education agencies and community colleges. In addition to board members themselves, IASB provides important support services for roles that work closely with boards: superintendents, business officials, board secretaries and school attorneys.

School Boards: 1,845 individuals serve on local school boards for Iowa’s 325 school districts. Iowa school boards govern the education of approximately 486,476 students while overseeing school budgets totaling $6.77 billion. School board members are elected by their local communities in an election held on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November in odd-numbered years. They serve four-year terms. They may be elected at large, from director districts or in several combinations of at-large and districts, depending on the system locally adopted.

Local school boards may have five or seven members. School board members receive no pay. Their reward is the satisfaction they receive from public service.

Area Education Agency Boards: The state’s nine area education agencies (AEAs) are governed by board members who are elected for four-year terms by public school board members. Iowa AEAs are intermediate service units that provide special education, media and educational services to local schools.
Community College Trustees: The Iowa Association of Community College Trustees holds a membership in IASB. Iowa’s 15 two-year community colleges are governed by five-to-nine board members elected by local residents in an election held the second Tuesday of November in odd-numbered years. They are elected to four-year terms.

Our Impact

Success for All Students: IASB Strategic Plan—View IASB's goals and strategies for 2022–26.

Measures of Success Annual Report—See IASB's impact on board members and school districts through formal learning, resources on our website or any of the other services we offer.

Membership Brochure—Learn more about the value of your IASB membership, including members-only benefits and value-added services.

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