Issue Toolkits

IASB has developed these resources to align with our Success for All Students: Public Policy Agenda of Iowa School Boards.

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This toolkit provides resources to demonstrate the importance of early literacy in future achievement for students.


Graphic: Teacher Workforce (Apple)

Teacher Workforce

This toolkit provides information on addressing the teacher shortage by helping to recruit and retain high-quality educators.


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Expanded Educational Opportunities

This toolkit provides information on innovative programming at public schools that provides engaging educational experiences for all students.


Graphic: Mental Health (Head with Gears)

Mental Health

Use this toolkit to find resources to ensure the mental health needs of students and staff are met in your district.


Graphic: School Security (Lock)

School Safety

Find resources on all facets of school safety, including physical safety measures in and around schools, violence prevention programs, and addressing student behavior.


Supplemental State Aid

Use the SSA toolkit to help you talk to your legislators about the importance of setting a state aid rate that allows you to meet your district's needs and provide competitive wages for teachers and staff.


Supplemental State Aid Toolkit icon

Area Education Agencies (AEAs)

Use the AEA toolkit to help you talk to your legislators about the importance of AEA funding and the essential services they provides students and school districts. 

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