Welcome to BoardCast, an IASB® podcast featuring our staff, members and other education experts. Episodes will focus on hot topics and best practices in school finance, board governance, legal and policy issues, HR and more. BoardCast is available for listening anywhere podcasts are offered: Apple, Spotify, Android, etc. Be sure to subscribe so you are notified when a new episode drops!

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Note: Episodes of the popular advocacy-focused Capitol Chats: Across the Aisle with IASB podcast will now be released through the BoardCast podcast for member convenience. Watch for the Capitol Chats name in the title for all advocacy episodes. Thanks for listening!

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Episode Guide

Season 4 (2024)

COMING SOON! Watch for new episodes of BoardCast covering a variety of topics in 2024.

Season 3 (2023)

Episode 1: Capitol Chats: 2023 Legislative Session Preview
Episode 2: Capitol Chats: 2023 First Funnel
Episode 3: Developing Iowa’s Future Together: Summit on Student Success Preview

Season 2 (2022)

Episode 1: Capitol Chats: 2022 Legislative Session Preview
Episode 2: Capitol Chats: Condition of the State Recap
Episode 3: Capitol Chats: Governor Reynolds’ Supplemental State Aid (SSA) Proposal
Episode 4: Capitol Chats: Second Funnel Week Recap
Episode 5: Learning, Networking & More: ISFLC New Superintendents' Conference Preview
Episode 6: Capitol Chats: State Revenue Projections from the December REC Meeting

Season 1 (2021)

Episode 1: Superintendent Evaluation—Clarifying Around the Purpose and Steps, Part 1
Episode 2: Superintendent Evaluation—Clarifying Around the Purpose and Steps, Part 2
Episode 3: Superintendent Evaluation—Establishing an Ongoing Process
Episode 4: Superintendent Evaluation—Unifying Around the Big Messages
Episode 5: Navigating Uncharted Waters: Lessons Learned Along the Way with Ruthina Malone
Episode 6: Navigating Uncharted Waters: Lessons Learned Along the Way with Sandy Dockendorff
Episode 7: Insider Info on Quarter Policy Updates—Employee Expression, Weapons, Public Participation & More
Episode 8: Board Support for the 2021-22 School Year & Team IASB Updates
Episode 9: Capitol Chats: June Legislative Resolutions Committee (LRC) Recap
Episode 10: Capitol Chats: Addressing the Inequity in Dropout Prevention and At-Risk Funding
Episode 11: Employee Relations Conference Sneak Peek with Ain Grooms and Amy Mayer
Episode 12: Capitol Chats: 2021 Delegate Assembly Recap
Episode 13: Capitol Chats: December 2021 REC Update

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