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Season 3 (Current Season)

Developing Iowa’s Future Together: Summit on Student Success Preview

 Join Taylor McGill and IASB's former Convention and Events Director, Tiffany Rudd, as they sit down with Ava Cranmore from the Alabama Association of School Boards, Sonn Sam with Big Picture Learning and Education Sociologist and Achievement Gap Specialist, Anindya Kundu. Together they discuss the upcoming Summit on Student Success, happening April 27-28 at the FFA Enrichment Center in Ankeny, Iowa.  With engaging keynotes, unique workshops and education sessions, you won't want to miss this event!

Capitol Chats: 2023 First Funnel

Join IASB's government relations team, Michelle Johnson and Emily Piper as they discuss the first funnel of the 2023 legislative session.


Capitol Chats: 2023 Legislative Session Preview

Join IASB's government relations team (including our new Government Relations Director, Michelle Johnson) as they lay the groundwork for the upcoming session. Learn about the key issues legislators will be debating this year, including vouchers, increased flexibility, and addressing the teacher shortage.


Season 2

Capitol Chats: State Revenue Projections from the December REC Meeting

As we head toward another legislative session, IASB school finance expert Shawn Snyder provides an update on state revenue projections from the December 14 Revenue Estimating Conference (REC) meeting. The REC provided a mostly positive outlook on the state’s revenues that the legislature will use to craft their budget for next year.


Learning, Networking & More: ISFLC New Superintendents' Conference Preview

Hear from IASB's school finance experts, and featured ISFLC presenters, on everything new superintendents can expect to learn at the New Superintendents' Conference in September!


Capitol Chats: Second Funnel Week Recap

IASB's government relations team provides a rundown of what survived, what died and what we have to keep an eye on as the legislative session passed its second funnel deadline on March 18.


Capitol Chats: Governor Reynolds’ Supplemental State Aid (SSA) Proposal

IASB is excited to introduce our new School Finance Director, Jan Miller-Hook. Hear how she got involved in school finance and will be a valuable member of the IASB team. Plus, Shawn Snyder breaks down what Governor Reynolds’ proposed 2.5% supplemental state aid (SSA) rate means in terms of new money for school districts.


Capitol Chats: Condition of the State Recap

IASB Lobbyist Emily Piper provides a recap of Governor Kim Reynolds’ education policy proposals from the Condition of the State address, given on January 11, 2022. The top issues for the governor are vouchers, school transparency initiatives and a plan for teacher recruitment and retention.


Capitol Chats: 2022 Legislative Session Preview

Join our government relations team as they preview what to expect from the upcoming legislative session: SSA, addressing the teacher shortage, increased dropout prevention and at-risk funding, and a continued fight against vouchers.


Season 1

Capitol Chats: December 2021 REC Update

IASB’s school finance expert Shawn Snyder provides a breakdown of the Revenue Estimating Conference’s (REC) most recent meeting, including updates on the state’s surplus, reserve funds, and what he thinks the legislature could afford to spend on supplemental state aid.

Capitol Chats: 2021 Delegate Assembly Recap

Legislative Resolutions Committee (LRC) chair Liz Brennan joins former Government Relations Director Phil Jeneary to break down this year’s Delegate Assembly. Learn how we develop our legislative platform each year and what our priorities are for the upcoming legislative session.

Employee Relations Conference Sneak Peek with Ain Grooms and Amy Mayer

Listen in to this special BoardCast episode for an insider look at upcoming sessions at IASB's Employee Relations Conference with Ain Grooms (Professor, University of Iowa) and Amy Mayer (Regents Alternative Pathways to Iowa Licensure (RAPIL) Program Coordinator, University of Northern Iowa). Join us October 12 at the FFA Enrichment Center in Ankeny!

Capitol Chats: Addressing the Inequity in Dropout Prevention and At-Risk Funding

IASB is making a big push to address the inequity in dropout prevention funding, which was created by the legislature. Our Government Relations team provides the background knowledge and tools you need to advocate for equitable funding. Then, Alex Smith, a board member from Waukee, joins us to talk about how his district uses these funds and why additional resources are needed in so many districts, including his.

Capitol chats: June Legislative Resolutions Committee (LRC) Recap

Liz Brennan, chair of the LRC, joins our government relations team to discuss the role of the LRC in developing IASB’s legislative platform and what specific issues they’re planning to focus on this year.

Board Support for the 2021-22 School Year & Team IASB Updates

The start of the school year is just around the corner, and IASB has been busy working on resources to ensure a successful year for board members. Listen in to hear how we are prepared to support boards transitioning to the new law change impacting superintendent evaluation, candidate resources for elections, and tips for onboarding new members. Plus, you won’t want to miss some major announcements. Spoiler alert: we’ve got a retirement (can you guess who?), a shift to full-time board development, and a new staff member. This is one episode you do NOT want to miss!

Insider Info on Quarter Policy Updates—Employee Expression, Weapons, Public Participation & More

Listen to the latest episode of the BoardCast podcast to hear Policy/Legal Services Director Siobhan Schneider give a detailed explanation of some of the policy highlights including Employee Expression and Weapons in the School District. Five sample policies and regulations were added, 19 policies were updated, and three policies were rescinded due to changes from the 2021 legislative session.

Navigating Uncharted Waters: Lessons Learned Along the Way with Sandy Dockendorff

As School Board Recognition Month comes to a close, we invite you to join us in reflecting on all your leadership challenges and wins in these interviews with two of your fellow school board members. You have been "Leading Through Uncharted Waters" over the past 14 months with little preparation or advance notice. Listen in as IASB staff talk with Sandy Dockendorff, Danville School Board Member.

Navigating Uncharted Waters: Lessons Learned Along the Way with Ruthina Malone

As School Board Recognition Month comes to a close, we invite you to join us in reflecting on all your leadership challenges and wins in these interviews with two of your fellow school board members. You have been "Leading Through Uncharted Waters" over the past 14 months with little preparation or advance notice. Listen in as IASB staff talk with Ruthina Malone, Iowa City School Board Member.

Superintendent Evaluation—Unifying Around the Big Messages

In the last episode of the superintendent evaluation series, you’ll hear from Fort Madison Board President Diane Hope alongside IASB staff experts. Listeners will learn about solidifying the board’s collective voice in evaluation, important questions the board should answer to ensure that collective voice, and potential changes your board can make to strengthen the board’s feedback.

Superintendent Evaluation—Establishing an Ongoing Process

In this episode you’ll hear from Charles City Board President Josh Mack and Vice President Pat Rottinghaus, alongside IASB staff experts. Listen today to learn why superintendent evaluation should be an ongoing process rather than only once per year, and the value of reviewing the superintendent's body of work over the entire year.

Superintendent Evaluation—Clarifying Around the Purpose and Steps, Part 2

IASB board development and HR staff experts are back in this episode to continue the discussion on superintendent evaluation. They cover how a board can effectively set superintendent expectations, goals, criteria and tools to measure progress, and they dig into how to align the superintendent’s goals and evaluation with district goals. This episode can help save your board time and frustration as you continue down the path toward effective superintendent evaluation.

Superintendent Evaluation—Clarifying Around the Purpose and Steps, Part 1

Join our board development and HR staff as they discuss how to unify around the purposes of superintendent evaluation and share tips on how to clarify requirements, timeline, process and the evaluation instrument. This episode can help you take your superintendent evaluation to the next level.

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