Student Success Ambassador Program

Let's reach a broader audience to build support for the state policy agenda of Iowa school boards.

The goal of the IASB Student Success Ambassador Program is to create a cadre of school board members with the commitment and skills to be effective and visible ambassadors for student success and public schools; and to further IASB's public policy agenda through concentrated outreach and engagement on traditional media, social media, and engagement with community groups.

School boards know that decisions at the state level impact the ability of public schools to serve students. To advance the state policy agenda set by Iowa school boards, we need to raise awareness, rally support, and promote understanding of what’s at stake to more Iowans. 

IASB is launching two options to engage school board members in raising that public awareness during 2023: An intensive Communications 360 Workshop for board members who agree to partner with IASB in media and social media outreach locally in 2023; and resources/webinars for all members on media relations and social media visibility.

More details are below. Please get engaged—and help tell the story of what it takes to ensure the success of the students we serve.


The application process is now closed and selected applicants have been notified. Selected applicants will have the opportunity to attend the two-day Communication 360 Workshop, conducted by Wixted, a renowned professional media and communications strategy consulting firm. The goal of the workshop is to further develop a strong foundation on communication strategy, media relations, and messaging through hands-on activities, on-camera interviews, and group exercises. The workshop is scheduled to take place in Des Moines January 27–28, 2023 at the Learning Resource Center at West Des Moines Schools.

Capacity is limited for this workshop due to budget and capacity restraints. IASB is covering the cost of the consulting firm, venue rental, selected meals, and participant materials. Selected participants are expected to cover their own mileage, additional meal costs, and lodging expenses.

Resources & Webinars for All Members

All IASB members can access comprehensive training resources on similar topics as the Communications 360 Workshop. The toolkit may include professional media and messaging training videos, tipsheets, and the option to register for two live webinars presented by the same communications consulting firm that conducts the workshop. Resources coming soon; register for the webinars below. 

Foundational Communications in 2023—Strategies, Messaging & Knowing Your Audience

Air Date: Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2023

Watch Webinar Recording

Watch (or re-watch) this webinar on foundational communications, with presenter Andy Garman from Wixted. IASB Executive Director Lisa Bartusek kicks off the webinar with an overview of why these communication skills are more important now than they’ve ever been for school board members, superintendents, and other district staff. Communications Advisor and Trainer Andy Garman goes over communication fundamentals such as the messaging pyramid; talks through how to analyze your audience, whether it’s legislators, community members, or even fellow board members; and ends with strategies to focus your messaging.

Fee: Free for IASB members.

Mastering the Media—From Traditional to Social

Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2023, Noon–1 p.m.

Register today! As a locally elected official, connecting and communicating with your stakeholders on key education issues is part of the job. In order to do so effectively, we're here to help you master the media—whether it's through traditional media such as local media, online blogs, or other news sources—or through social media platforms.

In this 60-minute webinar, Wixted Communication Adviser and Trainer Andy Garman will share key media tips and best practices, and help you discover how to hone your messaging based on the platform.

No matter the platform, you will be able confidently share positive public school messages and key issues from IASB's public policy agenda with legislators and the community.

Fee: Free for IASB members.

Ask Me icon For questions, email Tammy Votava or call (515) 247-7040.

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