2024 Legislative Summary 

Everything you need to know that resulted from the third session of the 90th General Assembly—bill summaries, tools and resources, budget implications and more. For more information, please contact IASB Lobbyist Emily Piper or IASB Government Relations Director Michelle Johnson

2024 Bill Summary 

Here is the full list of bills on which IASB was engaged on behalf of its members that passed the legislature and were signed by Governor Reynolds. Each summary includes our registration status and why we chose to register that way.

AEA Bill


Educator Workforce


School Safety


Budget Bills

A summary of all appropriations for FY 2025 along with policy updates. School finance uses its own language—use this breakdown of key budget terms and concepts to better understand appropriations legislation.

Appropriations & Funding Bills

Policy Included in Education Appropriations Bills


Tools and Resources 

Use the tools and resources below to gain a better understanding of how certain legislation and policies will impact your district moving forward. 

AEA Bill Summary: Check out this detailed summary of the AEA bill (HF 2612) as signed by the governor on Wednesday, March 27, 2024.

HF 2612: Teacher Salary Minimum Requirements FAQs: HF 2612 establishes increased teacher salary minimums effective July 1, 2024. This guidance document provided by the Iowa Department of Education addresses implementation questions organized by the calculation, use of funds, definition of experience, eligibility and BEDS data used.

Estimated FY 2025 Media and Ed. Services Amounts by School District: This file provides the portion that school districts will retain from Media and Ed. Services as a result of HF 2612.

Minimum Teacher Salary Provision in HF 2612: In order to meet new minimum salary requirements, districts will receive additional Teacher Salary Supplement (TSS) money. Read an explanation of how this money will be distributed and how much your district can expect. 

Preliminary FY 2025 TSS Per Pupil Amounts: Find your district's FY 2025 Preliminary Per Pupil Amount. Source: Dept. of Management. 

SSA and New Money Calculator: This SSA/New Money Calculator provides information on regular program funding, the budget guarantee, new money, and the impact of future equity legislation. Additionally, this tool provides the ability to review 5-year projections of regular program funding.

Categorical Fund Usage Flexibility: Legislation over the past few years has offered flexibility for certain categorical funds and more discretion for school districts on how they can spend these funds. See our comprehensive list of these changes.


Bills Vetoed by the Governor 

Governor Reynolds vetoed just one bill this legislative session. See the summary below:

HF 2539Open Meetings Violations Fines: The bill increases the fines for violating open meetings laws, from not more than $500 to not more than $5,000. Additionally, it adds that a meeting does not include a gathering hosted by a political party, political candidate, or civic organization.  

IASB is registered opposed to the bill. We agree there should be fines for violations, but these fines are very steep for unpaid school board members; however, the exceptions for what constitutes a meeting are helpful for board members. The bill passed the Senate by a vote of 46-0 and passed the House by a vote of 87-6. Governor Reynolds vetoed the bill, saying she didn’t like the new definition of a “meeting” but hopes to work on making open meetings laws stronger in the future.  


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