Teacher Compensation & Benefits Survey

IASB's Teacher Compensation and Benefits survey is now open. The information collected from this survey will be used to build our FY 2024 Teacher Compensation and Benefits Toolkit. The toolkit can help districts understand how they compare to districts across the state, identify areas of concern and balance the need to recruit and retain educators with the need to maintain efficient, cost-effective organizational operations.

Review the TCB webinar recording which walks participants through the submission process. 

IASB has extended the deadline to Thursday, Aug. 31 in order to allow districts additional time to submit their district’s information. With your timely responses, the toolkit can be ready in early fall.

View a checklist of the information needed to complete the survey.

View a snapshot of district's that have submitted their teacher compensation information as of Aug. 10, 2023. 

Please email Marte Brightman, IASB Legal Services Specialist with questions or call (515) 247-7048.

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