2023 Public Policy Agenda

Success for All Students: The 2023 Public Policy Agenda of Iowa School Boards

Iowa public schools are the foundation of our democracy and a promise we make as Iowans to our children—that a great education helps students discover their full potential and reach a successful future. Iowa school boards are elected by our communities to oversee public schools. Working closely with parents, communities, and educators, we see student needs first-hand and the opportunities to make Iowa public schools stronger. 

Iowa school boards put forth this agenda for public policy to better meet student needs. We ask for support from Iowa citizens and state elected officials in addressing these needs for improved state policy to support student success.

  • We believe that literacy is the building block for student achievement and student success. We call for improvements in state policy to provide support for preschool, English-learners, literacy tutoring, and professional development for early literacy strategies. (Resolutions: 1, 2, 3, and 4)
  • We believe that a high-quality teacher workforce is necessary for student achievement. We call for improvements in state policy to provide teacher leadership and development programs, high-quality teacher preparation programs, and recruitment and retention incentives. (Resolutions: 11 and 12)
  • We believe that expanded opportunities through public schools will provide students with diverse and engaging educational experiences. We call for improvements in state policy to invest public funds in innovative programs at public schools, career and technical education programs, and to foster collaboration between community partners, private schools and public schools. (Resolution 20)
  • We believe that student, educator, and staff mental health needs must be addressed and supported to improve student achievement, reduce dropout rates, and maintain a high-quality workforce. We call for improvements in state policy to equalize dropout prevention funding, increase access to mental health services in schools, and provide training to improve school staff understanding of student mental health needs. (Resolutions: 6 and 7)
  • We believe that every student deserves to learn, and every staff member deserves to work, in a safe and secure environment. We call for improvements in state policy to provide school violence prevention programs, resources for staff working to address student behavioral issues, and flexibility to implement safety measures in and around schools. (Resolution 5)
  • We believe supplemental state aid is a critical component in student success by providing districts with adequate general fund resources. We call for improvements in state policy to ensure this funding addresses inflation, provides market competitive wages for teachers and staff, is equitable across program areas and for the area education agencies (AEA), and allows flexibility to address demographic changes within schools. (Resolutions: 13 and 14)
  • We believe schools must be open and welcoming to all students, and fully accountable and transparent in order to receive taxpayer dollars. We call for state policy that ensures public funds remain in public schools and are never redirected to private schools. (Resolution 21)

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