Vouchers: Wrong for Iowa

What Can You Do to Get Involved?

Graphic: Vouchers: Wrong for Iowa

As parents and community members, your voice is so important to our effort to convince legislators that vouchers are wrong for Iowa. School board members, parents, teachers and community members are all striving toward the same goal – strong public schools. 

Please email or call your legislators in the Iowa House and Iowa Senate. 

Find Your Legislator's Contact Information

A Senate subcommittee meets Monday, Jan. 25 at 10:30 a.m. to discuss SSB 1065, the voucher bill. Public comment is available and we encourage you to submit your comments and stories to the committee, detailing why you oppose vouchers.

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Tips for Advocating with Legislators

Be respectful in your message.

Share a personal story or how vouchers would impact public education in your community.

Use our talking points to help frame your message.

  • Use public dollars for public schools. Period.
  • Public funds require public accountability and transparency. 
  • A slippery slope toward a costly and expansive voucher program.
  • Always close with the “ask." In this case, the “ask” is to oppose vouchers.

    Tips for Energizing your Friends and Neighbors

    Use your personal social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) to spread the word.

    Use the graphics and messaging provided in our toolkit.

    Ask them to take action to stop vouchers.