Call for Legislative Priorities

What: Review the IASB 2020 Platform for 2021 legislative priorities. Please identify up to four priority issues. You will be able to propose/edit amendments and propose/edit resolutions.

When: Please reserve time during your board meetings to discuss and complete the Call for Legislative Priorities survey. The deadline to submit legislative priorities is August 10, 2020.

The information gathered from school districts helps guide IASB legislative and grassroots advocacy efforts. It is especially helpful when speaking to legislative influencers when we can show them the data of what issues are particularly important to school districts in their area. 

How: Review the 2020 IASB Legislative Resolutions and make note of any issues or edits that are of interest to your district. Use these tips for choosing your priorities. Select your top four legislative priorities and then complete the IASB Call for Legislative Priorities survey. This short questionnaire will allow you to select the priorities discussed as well as submit new, amend, or remove resolutions.

Step 1. Review the 2020 IASB Legislative Resolutions

1. Download the IASB 2020 Legislative Resolutions.
2. Discuss the platform at your May, June, or July board meeting. Please identify up to four priority issues and make note of any edits to amendments or if your board needs to submit a new amendment.

Step 2. Submit your board's legislative priorities.

Submit your board's legislative priorities, amendments, and new resolutions here

Frequently Asked Questions

Every spring the government relations team asks members to submit legislative priorities and for any changes to the legislative platform for the upcoming legislative session. The feedback received helps the government relations team best position the organization on bills during the legislative session.

We hope that you set aside time during your board meetings to discuss and then submit your legislative priorities and any changes you would like to see to our legislative platform. As you decide, here are the most frequently asked questions about the process.

The Legislative Resolutions Committee (LRC) receives feedback from school district submissions from the call for legislative priorities. The LRC reviews all the proposals and recommends legislative beliefs, resolutions and the priorities for the upcoming legislative session.

The LRC is made of up school board members and a board member from the Area Education Agencies (AEA) and the community colleges. Board members on the LRC represent school districts of all sizes from Schleswig to Cedar Falls. The LRC meets twice a year during the summer to review and make recommendations on the proposed IASB legislative platform. Once the LRC finalizes its recommendations, it sends those recommendations to the IASB Board of Directors who then reviews and approves the platform. That platform is then sent to delegates to be debated at the IASB Delegate Assembly in November.

Delegate Assembly occurs the day before the IASB annual convention. That is where delegates, appointed by their school district, AEA, and community college, debate and vote on the IASB legislative platform for the upcoming year.

IASB sends out the “Call for Legislative Priorities” in early May. School boards should set aside time during their summer board meetings to review and discuss what priorities they would like to submit, as well as suggest a new or amend a current resolution to the platform. Once they have reviewed the platform boards should submit their list via the link above on this page. The deadline to submit legislative priorities is August 10, 2020.

You bet! The third page on the questionnaire allows a board to suggest a new resolution or amend a resolution we currently have in our platform. These amendments and new resolutions will then be presented at Delegate Assembly and voted on by the delegates. If you need help with wording or content for a new resolution or amendment, our government relations staff is happy to assist.

Absolutely! We put a deadline on submissions just so IASB staff have time to collect the information and present it to the LRC during their August meeting. The August meeting is where the LRC reviews district submissions and makes it final recommendations on the legislative platform. Last year we heard from over 290 school districts. Let’s get that number higher this year. We want to hear from every IASB member district!