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TED Talk Speaker, Author & CEO of Courageous Leadership Institute

TED Talk Speaker, Author and Leadership Guru Cindy Solomon believes everyone, especially school board members, can be courageous leaders. As founder and CEO of The Courageous Leadership Institute, she has helped more than 350,000 individuals identify, nurture and leverage their own leadership potential. Courage is a necessary skill for everyone in public education with the ultimate goal of world-class education for our future leaders. Come to the Closing General Session for the empowering and hilarious insights on courageous leadership, stay for the provocative and interactive presentation where you’ll build your own courage along with the courage of those around you to face the challenges ahead.


Cindy At IASB's 77th Annual Convention

Closing General Session

Creating a Culture of Courage: The New Leadership Challenge

Thursday, Nov. 17 at 3 p.m.

The pandemic threw many challenges and disruptions at us, leading us to find new and innovative ways to engage, communicate and negotiate constantly changing priorities. Adapting to these new challenges takes work and courageous leadership.

Cindy Solomon, Founder and CEO of the Courageous Leadership Institute, believes that everyone, especially school board members, can be courageous leaders. Solomon will share the four types of courage needed to serve all students. Once you’ve identified what type of courage you need as an individual, you can build toward the type of courage your school board needs to minimize the noise, keep your eyes on the horizon, and govern effectively.

Solomon has helped more than 350,000 individuals leverage their own leadership potential through her institute and is ready to help you and your board become courageous leaders with information, research, and group exercises to use following the presentation. Her empowering and hilarious insights will give you the courage to compromise and turn your board into a nimble, energized and focused team ready to face the challenges ahead.


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Meet Cindy

With over 1.7 million views of her most recent TED Talk, keynote speaker and Top 30 Global Leadership Guru Cindy Solomon continues to draw attention and accolades for her radical views on how we can all become the courageous leaders we need to be for what’s next. As Founder & CEO of The Courageous Leadership Institute, Solomon leads a worldwide team of facilitators who travel the globe sharing her empowering and often hilarious insights on customer service and Courageous Leadership with tens of thousands each year.

Through keynote speeches, workshops and on-demand training programs, Solomon has helped over 350,000 leaders and hundreds of companies around the world identify, nurture, and leverage leadership potential in front line employees, middle managers, and senior leadership teams. Solomon counts among her clients 26 J.D. Power Award winners and more than 400 industry leaders like Cisco, Pfizer, Dow, The American Bankers Association, UPS, Amazon, The Mayo Clinic, KeyBank, Alaska Airlines, Oracle, Wells Fargo, and UKG.

She has been featured in Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies, Fast Company’s Fast 100, and Forbes Magazine, among others. She is the author of two books: The Rules of Woo and Creating a Culture of Courage: The Courage Challenge Workbook.



Interview: Keynoter Cindy Solomon & IASB Convention Director Tiffany Rudd

Hear from our Closing General Session Keynoter, Cindy Solomon, as she gives us a sneak peek into her courageous keynote and education session.


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