Keynote Speaker: Chuck Underwood

Convention Keynote Speaker Chuck Underwood 

Chuck Underwood

Generational Expert; Founder of the Generational Imperative, Inc.

Chuck Underwood will entertain and engage you over lunch with strategies, anecdotes and key takeaways to understand and interact with people from any of the six living generations.


Chuck at IASB's 78th Annual Convention

Second General Session & Luncheon

Generational School Board Strategies: Because It Is Still Entirely About People

Thursday, Nov. 16 at Noon

America’s six living generations experienced unique Formative Years, the K–12 years. The times and teachings of those years molded unique core values in each generation, and those core values guide their decisions as voters, parents, employees, legislators, donors, and fellow board members. The key is to understand each generation thoroughly enough to develop the “holy grail of human interaction,” a generational “gearbox” that enables board members to shift gears instantly and accurately—and successfully—when dealing with people from each generation. In his keynote and breakout session, generational pioneer Chuck Underwood will introduce Generational Strategies and show how each of the generations’ support and understanding are vital to the success of our local schools.

Special thanks to Jester Insurance Services for sponsoring the Second General Session & Luncheon.

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Education Session

A Deeper Dive into Generational School Board Strategies: The Younger Generations

Thursday, Nov. 16 at 22:45 p.m.

Follow along as Generational Expert Chuck Underwood explores Millennials and Generation X, with a brief introduction to the just arriving Gen Z. Learn how the core values that have molded and defined these younger generations impact their interactions, and explore how their communication style shapes them as learners and leaders. Chuck will share tools for your generational "gearbox" that will enable you to successfully shift gears when interacting with these young generations.

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Full Biography

Meet Chuck

Chuck Underwood is a pioneer in the field of generational study and helped popularize generational strategies. Chuck has more than three decades of full-time research and application in the field, and the contribution of his own principles on generational study has become a cornerstone of the discipline.

As the founder and principal of the Ohio-based generational consulting firm, The Generational Imperative, Inc., Chuck trains and consults American and Canadian business, government, education, and religious organizations on the application of generational strategies. He has worked extensively with PK12 associations, universities, community colleges, trade schools, and national and regional education associations.

Chuck’s research can be found in his book America’s Generations in the Workplace, Marketplace, and Living Room, and is featured on the PBS mini-series America’s Generations With Chuck Underwood.

He is formally trained in qualitative research methodology by The Burke Institute and conducts primary generational research for his clients and his firm.


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