Visionary Team Toolbox

When a board and superintendent work together as a team around a vision and plan for the district, students benefit. Governing as a team means coming together around a shared vision for the district, around shared core values and beliefs, and priority goals. Teamwork doesn't mean blanket agreement on everything. In fact, healthy debate is a benefit to good decision making. Boards need to be clear how to best work together, what are their roles and responsibilities and how to maintain a positive relationship with the superintendent.

IASB has created several toolkits to help members do this important work. Your IASB staff consultants are a phone call or email away to assist you with using these tools. We also offer custom facilitated workshops that can help one board or a group of boards consider their work.


Superintendent Evaluation

Board Roles and Responsibilities

Better Board Meetings

School Board Self-Assessments

Establishing Direction

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Lou Ann Gvist
Board Development/Convention Director
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Harry Heiligenthal

Associate Executive Director,
Board Development
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Tammi Drawbaugh
Board Development Director
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Emily Rhodes

Board Development Specialist
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