FY 2017 Data

FY 2017 Shared Operational Functions - this file provides information on the shared operational functions being shared, but school district and the level of funding generated from the sharing provisions.

FY 2017 Instructional Support Program Funding By School District - this file provides funding levels, property tax rates, income surtax rates for the Instructional Support Program by School District.

FY 2017 Combined District Comparison Tool - This tool provides breakdown of the total program funding amount generated through the school aid formula for each district and allows for comparisons between school districts.

FY 2017 Property Tax Rate Comparison Tool   - This file provides a complete list of FY 2017 school district levy rates by type for all school districts. Additionally, this tool allows you to compare to similar size school districts or to self-select your own comparison.

FY 2017 Taxable Valuation Per Pupil Comparison Tool - This tool provides information pertaining to taxable valuation per pupil for all districts, and allows for comparisons by enrollment or taxable valuation per pupil amounts. Additionally, the FY 2017 total tax rate for each district is included for comparison purposes.

FY 2017 New Money Amounts by School District - This file provides the amount of regular program funding (including budget guarantee) and the amount of new money for each school district.

FY 2017 Income Surtax Information by School District - This file provides income surtax rates, estimated income surtax funding, and estimated impact on the school district's property tax rate for each school district. 

FY 2017 Estimated Impact of TIF on School Districts  - This file provides information on the amount of TIF valuation in each school district and the estimated impact on each school district's property tax rate.

School Aid Weightings by Type and School District - Provides each of the different types of weighting that generate funding through the school aid formula.

Per Pupil Amounts By Program and School District - Provides a listing of each school districts per pupil amount that generate funding for the Regular Program, Teacher Salary Supplement, Professional Development Supplement, and Early Intervention Supplement, and a comparison to the State per pupil amount for each.

FY 2017 Categorical Funds from State, Local, and Federal Sources - This file provides specific categorical allocation amounts for state, local, and federal programs for each school district.