FY 2016 Data

Certified Enrollment Comparison Tool - Provides information on the October 2015 certified enrollments including enrollment trend data, and allows for comparison between districts on the various elements included in the certified enrollment.

FY 2016 New Money Amounts by School District - This file includes each school district's regular program, budget guarantee, and new money amounts for FY 2016. Additionally, the file provides the one-time funding amount that was vetoed by the Governor.

FY 2016 Property Tax by Program - Includes a listing of school district property tax rates by district and levy type. Also allows user to select districts and levy type for comparison purposes.​

2016 Combined District Cost Components by School District - Includes a listing of each school district combined district cost component by school district. Also allows user to select districts and combined district cost component for comparison purposes.

FY 2016 Combined District Cost Funding Breakdown by Program and School District - This file provides a the amount of funding, by program area that accounts for the district's combined district cost - and includes the overall total of the AEA flow-through amount.

FY 2016 TIF Impact by School District - FY 2016 Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Information, by School District.

FY 2016 PPEL Data by School District - This file provides a listing PPEL funding, tax rates, and income surtax rates for each district, and allows the user to make comparison to multiple school districts.

FY 2016 Instructional Support Program Funding By School District - this file provides funding levels, property tax rates, income surtax rates for the Instructional Support Program by School District.

FY 2016 Income Surtax Amount by Program and School District - This file provides the income surtax amounts used by school districts and the property tax rate reduction impact due to the income surtax.​

FY2016 Management, Playground and Equipment (PERL), and Debt Services Levy Information by School District - This file provides property tax amounts and rates for the Management levy, the PERL levy, and the Debt Services levy for FY 2016.​

FY 2016 Cash Reserve Levy Amounts and Rates by School District - This file provides the cash reserve levy amounts and levy rates for each school district for FY 2016.

​FY 2016 Combined District Cost Levy, General Fund Levy, and Total District Levy - Provides levy amount and rates for each district's combined district cost, general fund, and total school district levy.