AEA Financial Focus Data Tool

Get detailed information about your AEA’s financial health.

 A – AEA All Funds Fiscal Facts: The funds received and used by the AEA are much more than just the General Fund. In a few pie charts, all funds, revenues and expenditures of the AEA are shown and answer the questions: where does our AEA’s funding come from, what are all the funds used for, and how big is our All Funds budget anyway?

AEA General Fund Fiscal Facts: AEA general funds account for the largest portion of all AEA funds. See detailed information on where the revenue comes from, how the AEAs spends those funds, and trend data on revenues vs. expenditures.

C – Detailed AEA Weightings: AEA funding is based on weighted enrollment, including budget enrollment and special education weightings. See the trend and breakdown of the AEA weighted enrollments for the past 20 years.

D – Special Education and General Fund Solvency Ratios: This file provides trend information on the AEA’s special education expenditures and fund balances, as well as the AEA’s general fund balance and solvency ratio.

E – AEA Program Funding: This file provides a detailed look at the program funding amounts generated for AEAs through the Iowa School Aid Formula.

F – Current Year Per Pupil Amounts: Per pupil funding amounts vary between AEAs and between different programs. This file provides a breakdown of this funding and allows for comparison among each of the AEAs.

G – General and Administrative Expenditures: See the General and Executive Administrative expenditures for your AEA.

H – Property Taxes Generated on Behalf of an AEA: See the impact every school district within each AEA has on the school aid funding formula for AEAs. This file includes each district’s budget enrollment, AEA weighted enrollment, and the property tax levied on behalf of the AEA.

I – Compensation Detail by Position: See the staffing levels for every position in each AEA. Data includes number of staff by position and average salary and benefits amounts for full-time positions.