IASB offers added-value services for an additional subscription fee. These programs are designed to provide one-on-one consultation and detailed assistance for member districts.

Legal and Policy

Online Policy Subscription Service 
The IASB Policy Reference Manual contains more than 600 pages of downloadable sample board policies, administrative regulations and forms needed by school districts to comply with state and federal laws and to effectively operate a school district. In addition, subscribers receive our 
e-newsletter, Policy Primer, published quarterly and special updates as needed and keeps subscribers informed of changes to sample policies due to changes in state and federal laws and regulations, along with the specific marked changes to sample policies. 

Legal Service Fund
The IASB Legal Service Fund was developed to assist school districts, AEAs and community colleges in legal cases that have statewide significance.

Survey Services

Suite of Surveys
This service is designed to provide districts with invaluable data. We manage everything, from designing and posting the survey, to tracking, downloading and analyzing the data, to preparing and delivering the reports. Visit our Suite of Surveys section to learn more.

Affiliated Programs

IASB provides members with access to programs that can assist the governance team in critical areas of support, including governance and leadership, risk management, financial responsibility, human resources compliance and facilities management. IASB strives to lessen the burdens of government for Iowa public school boards, area education agencies and community colleges by providing these services. Visit the Affiliated Programs section to learn more about these programs that are uniquely to designed to serve the needs of these public education institutions.

Service Recognition Program

IASB offers a variety of awards for sale to help your school district honor school board members and staff for their service, hard work and dedication to public education. Visit our Service Recognition Program page for more information on awards.

Board President's Engraved GavelFriend of Iowa Public Education PlaqueAward of Merit PlaqueLifetime Pass Card