Leadership Through a Crisis: COVID-19 and Beyond Digital Conference

Wednesday, July 15
9 a.m.–3 p.m.

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Iowa school districts and board leaders are facing unique challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. You’ve persevered through school closings, alternative graduation ceremonies, online learning, school meals, and employee issues. Now, you’re working on how to safely reopen school buildings this fall while adhering to social distancing and sanitation guidelines and also considering how to get students up-to-speed from the missed learning this past spring.  

You’ve got a lot on your plate—as a locally elected leader, you’re facing scrutiny and questions from your constituents, making important decisions at the board table, and trying to stay one step ahead of the next crisis.  

Let us help you navigate leadership through this crisis. You’ll leave this conference armed with tools, strategies and insights to utilize now and during future crises.

Key Features

Leadership and Support for Districts in the Months Ahead
Ann Lebo, Director, Iowa Department of Education  
Ann will share a special leadership message for boards and outline the DE’s role and vision for supporting districts over the next several months.

Operating Our Schools: Health & Safety Considerations for Board Members
State and federal agencies have provided multitudes of resources, guidance and criteria for school districts during the pandemic. This information can be overwhelming for board members to sift through and understand. In this session, IASB staff experts will break down recommendations on health and safety, criteria for opening and closing schools, considerations for blended and remote learning,  and help board members clarify their role. 

Continuous Learning—What is it, Where Are We, What’s My Role?

Evan Abbey, Program Director, AEA Learning Online  
With the whirlwind of COVID and the rush to get online learning available to Iowa’s 500,000 students, we sometimes overlook the critical support board members provide to our education system. Learn about continuous learning in Iowa’s classrooms, pressing issues teachers are facing, how to address legal implications like accessibility and FAPE, and key roles you can play to support administrators, teachers and learners during this time.   

COVID-19 Policies & HR Supports
Siobhan Schneider, Policy/Legal Services Director & Eric Howard, HR Services Director, IASB
Get an in-depth look at brand-new policies related to COVID-19! IASB staff will share information and insights on these new policies, updates to existing policies, and additions to the Employee Handbook.   

What Should We Be Asking? Legal and HR Issues Facing School Boards During COVID-19
Eric Howard, HR Services Director, IASB; Melissa Schilling, Attorney, Dickinson, Mackaman, Tyler & Hagan, P.C.; and Emily Ellingson, Attorney, Lynch Dallas, P.C. 
Boards are facing a myriad of challenges, ranging from privacy issues to legal compliance. In order to tackle these issues and move forward, it’s important that board members understand what they should know, what they shouldn’t know, and questions they should be asking.

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