IASB Delegate Assembly & Annual Meeting

Every school board’s voice should be heard at the IASB Delegate Assembly

November 20, 2019

9 a.m. – noon or upon completion

Grand Ballroom, 4th Floor, Iowa Events Center

The IASB Delegate Assembly convenes annually for three important roles:
  • Annual Meeting, including recommended bylaw changes and election of President-elect
  • Set the Legislative Platform
  • Convene the nominating caucuses to select candidates for the IASB Board of Directors in selected regions.

IASB bylaws give each member board a delegate who casts the board's votes on issues before the Delegate Assembly. School board members provide input on IASB’s legislative platform and your priorities help influence legislators and the governor. By participating in this debate process, school, AEA and community college boards contribute to IASB’s legislative program and ultimately the unified legislative interests of all Iowa school boards.

The Delegate Assembly and Annual Meeting will be held Wednesday, November 20. Please take time at your next board meeting to select a delegate, who must be a board member.

Note for Registering for Afternoon Events: Delegates interested in attending an afternoon IASB pre-Convention workshop are advised to pre-register for the event to guarantee a seat. If the Delegate Assembly deliberation extends after lunch, you will not be invoiced for afternoon workshop registration fees.



Votes are assigned to delegates according to the following school district enrollment schedule:
0000-1200 – 1 vote
1201-1600 – 2 votes
1601-2400 – 3 votes
2401-3600 – 5 votes
3601-4800 – 7 votes
4801-6000 – 10 votes
6001 and over –15 votes

Votes are assigned to delegates for the area education agencies according to the following AEA enrollment schedule:
0000-29,999 – 2 votes​
30,000 and over – 3 votes

Community colleges are entitled to five delegates. The governing body of the Iowa Association of Community College Trustees elects these delegates.

Fee and Lunch

There is no cost to attend the Delegate Assembly. Lunch for your delegate is also free.

Delegate Assembly Materials

Advanced Email: All IASB members received an email in late September containing the proposed legislative platform. We encourage members to review and discuss the platform at your October or early November meeting, so that your delegate is prepared to vote based on your board’s position.

Mail: One set of Delegate Assembly materials was mailed in October to your delegate or your superintendent if you did not have a registered delegate. Your delegate must take the credential from the delegate packet to the credentialing desk at the Delegate Assembly located in the Grand Ballroom, Iowa Events Center and exchange it for your school district’s voting card. The official delegate packet may be transferred to another member on your board. If the board changes a delegate, please notify Stephanie Rousseau at srousseau@ia-sb.org.

All Delegate Assembly materials are available in meeting format on IASB's Simbli site. Learn more about Simbli by eBOARDsolutions.

Nominating Caucuses

During the morning break there will be nominating caucuses to nominate candidates to the IASB Board of Directors for 3 year terms in certain IASB Director Districts. In late September, nomination materials will be distributed seeking candidates in selected regions, as follows:

  • District 1 (Northwest) ­
  • District 5a (Central): Two year term
  • District 5b (Central)
  • District 6a (East)
  • District 9 (Southeast)



Timeline at a Glance

  • August 9: Deadline to submit legislative priorities to IASB
  • August 15: Information distributed to members regarding appointment of Delegates
  • September 17: Nomination materials distributed seeking candidates in selected IASB regions (Director Districts) to serve on the IASB Board of Directors
  • Late September: Email sent to all members with proposed platform, for review at October or early November board meeting, so your delegate knows your position
  • October 11: Statement of Candidacy forms due for persons nominated to serve on the IASB Board of Directors
  • October 17: Delegates registered before this date will receive printed materials in the mail; all districts without a registered delegate on this date will have the materials mailed to their superintendent
  • October 24: Printed materials packets mailed to all registered Delegates
  • November 20: IASB Delegate Assembly and Annual Meeting, 9 a.m. – adjournment
    • Regional Nominating Caucuses will be held at 10:30 a.m. or upon completion of the resolutions, whichever is earlier
    • Grand Ballroom, 4th Floor, Iowa Events Center, Des Moines

  For more information, email Stephanie Rousseau or call (515) 247-7042.

Delegate Assembly attendees earn
10 Better Boardsmanship credits!

Learn more about
Better Boardsmanship Awards.