Keynote Speaker: Consuelo Castillo Kickbusch

Consuelo Castillo Kickbusch
Army Veteran, Author & Educator


Consuelo Castillo Kickbusch at Annual Convention

General Session, Thursday, Nov. 19

Courageous Leadership
What does leadership look like during a crisis? Kickbusch will share how a lifetime of courageous leadership helped her overcome poverty, discrimination and illiteracy to become the highest-ranking Latina in the U.S. Army and a small business owner.

Meet Consuelo

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Leadership traditionally is a lonely and complex job to accomplish. Leaders are expected to be the ones with the answers while taking charge of morale and team support. How then does courage play a unique role in leadership especially during a time of crisis?

Consuelo’s journey has been a lifetime of Courageous Leadership beginning when she left her traditional home where she was raised in an Immigrant Mexican home to becoming the highest-ranking Latina in combat support field in the US Army; and then later starting a small business company without any outside income all while facing discrimination.

Through her humor, reflection, and utilizing her story telling gift, Consuelo shares her wisdom and Servant Leadership framework.  Every participant will walk away with another “tool “for their Leadership Toolkit and some perspective on how Courageous Leadership can get you through the storm.  Her favorite words are, “This Too Shall Pass.”


Watch Consuelo's special keynoter announcement video!

Watch the keynote speaker announcement video!