Keynote Speaker: Andrew Frishman

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Co-Executive Director at Big Picture Learning


Andrew Frishman at Annual Convention

Pre-Convention Workshop, Wednesday, Nov. 17 from 1–3:30 p.m.

RIPE Innovations: What’s the Low-Hanging Fruit?
Students, families, and communities’ expectations of schools continue to expand. In this session, we’ll delve into why specific innovations focused on Relationships, Interests, Practice, and Equity (RIPE) help prepare students for a dynamic and turbulent world. Join Andrew and graduates from Big Picture Learning schools to learn what has been most impactful for them. We’ll explore the ways to create the conditions to support sustainable innovation that benefits students, families, educators, and communities. Most importantly, we’ll discuss how school boards can lead with policy and culture that scales these opportunities to support student success throughout their districts. Bring a computing device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) and be ready to dive in! Joining Andrew are two students who will share how deeper learning experiences positively impacted their lives.

Closing Capstone, Thursday, Nov. 18 at 3 p.m.

Why Should Education Systems Be RIPE for Innovation?
We are living in particularly turbulent times. Ongoing disruptions in the economy and social structures have significant implications for education systems. What expectations should students be able to have of their learning experiences? How can they be best prepared for the dynamic world that they will enter into as young adults and emerging leaders? Andrew and several graduates of schools in the Big Picture Learning Network will discuss why the time is “RIPE” for innovations focused on Relationships, Interests, Practice, and Equity. Come ready to discover how school boards can create a culture of continuous innovation that activates the potential of all students through interest-driven, real-world learning.

Meet Andrew

Official Biography

In the spring of 2002, Andrew heard a student describe his unique transformational learning experiences at The Met High School in Providence, RI, the “mother ship” of the Big Picture Learning network. That fall, Andrew joined the Met as an Advisor (Teacher), working with a 9th grade advisory group through to their graduation in 2006. He then moved to CA to support the development of the Met Sacramento High School, worked with its first graduating class, and became the school’s first “Learning Through Internship Coordinator.”

Andrew has assisted with the expansion of the Big Picture Network in a variety of capacities, including supporting the launch of innovative schools across the US and internationally. Along the way he has melded experiences from a MAT, an administrative credential focused on urban schools, and a Health Leadership Program, into a belief that student-centered education is a crucial determinant of both individual life outcomes as well as community well-being. He completed the Education Leadership Program (EdLD) at Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Harvard Kennedy School, and Harvard Business School and joined the leadership team of Big Picture Learning in 2013. He is currently the Co-Executive Director at Big Picture Learning.


Meet our Closing Capstone keynoter, Andrew Frishman. See you at Convention, Nov. 17–18 in Des Moines! Learn more at

Meet our Closing Capstone keynoter, Andrew Frishman with this video!