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IASB provides convenient and easy access to a variety of relevant topics electronically via online courses and webinars. We've made it easier to fit training into your busy schedule. Online courses and webinars offer you the benefit of participating in a program from your own computer anytime, anywhere. 

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This fall, we'll be launching a podcast series, "Capitol Chats: Across the Aisle," featuring IASB Government Relations staff Emily Piper, Phil Jeneary and Michelle Johnson as co-hosts. You’ll still get the insider knowledge you’ve always received from past IASB advocacy events, including Action Advocacy Workshops and Action Advocacy Webinars, but in a new, exciting format that you can take on the go with you—in the car, on a bike, out for a walk or jog, or just sitting in your living room. These podcasts will answer all your questions and provide tips for how you can best advocate on hot button issues legislators are talking about. Dates and times to be announced.


Recorded Webinars

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Online Courses

Completion of each course earns 10 Better Boardsmanship credits and fulfills the Elective requirement toward earning the Basics of Boardsmanship certificate.

Open Meetings Basics: What Does the Code Say? 

The intent of the Iowa Open Meetings law is to ensure boards operate with openness and transparency. This course is designed to provide board members with a foundational knowledge of the Open Meetings Law. The interactive course format includes videos, scenarios and quizzes to make this an engaging and meaningful online learning experience. Whether taken as an introduction or as a refresher, this self-paced course offers the critical, need to know basics of the Iowa Open Meetings Law that every board member should know and every board team should live by. 
Length: 2 hours

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Budget 101 for School Board Members

What is the board's role when it comes to the school budget process? What do board discussions look like at the table and when and how often should they take place? How can the board both support and properly monitor the budget process without getting too deep into the system? This online, introductory course provides solid content and helpful resources that clarify the key governance roles of the board in an effective budget-setting process. 
Length: 2 hours

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IASB is offering these online courses collaboratively with AEA PD Online. These courses are housed on AEA PD Online's website. 


Upcoming Webinars

Completion of each webinar earns five Better Boardsmanship credits.

Webinars address a range of topics and timely issues important to the governance roles of board teams. Content experts and facilitators offer crucial updates and guidance to inform good decision making at the board table. Webinars are recorded, so you have access anytime, anywhere, even if you are unable to attend the live event. Webinar topics will center around the IASB Standards for Effective School Boards.

You’ve just been elected as board president—now what? These two online discussions are designed to offer up some back-to-basics essential information and practical tips on how to run an effective meeting, dealing with the public and more. Join IASB staff and experienced board presidents as we discuss helpful strategies and answer your need-to-know questions.

Nuts and Bolts for Board Presidents: Part 1

Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2019, Noon−1 p.m.

Nuts and Bolts for Board Presidents: Part 2

Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020, Noon−1 p.m.

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