IASB Delegate Assembly & Annual Meeting

Every school board’s voice should be heard at the IASB Delegate Assembly

Nov. 17, 2020
5:45 p.m.–Nominating Caucuses
6:30 p.m.–Annual Meeting & Delegate Assembly
Via Zoom 

Delegate Assembly has ended. Thank you to the nearly 200 delegates who participated!

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The IASB Delegate Assembly convenes annually for three important roles:
  • Annual Meeting
  • Set the Legislative Platform
  • Convene the nominating caucuses to select candidates for the IASB Board of Directors in selected regions.

IASB bylaws give each member board a delegate who casts the board's votes on issues before the Delegate Assembly. School board members provide input on IASB’s legislative platform and your priorities help influence legislators and the governor. By participating in this debate process, school, AEA and community college boards contribute to IASB’s legislative program and ultimately the unified legislative interests of all Iowa school boards.

If you still need to register your district's delegate, email Stephanie Rousseau or call (515) 247-7042.


Votes are assigned to delegates according to the following school district enrollment schedule:
0000-1200 – 1 vote
1201-1600 – 2 votes
1601-2400 – 3 votes
2401-3600 – 5 votes
3601-4800 – 7 votes
4801-6000 – 10 votes
6001 and over –15 votes

Votes are assigned to delegates for the area education agencies according to the following AEA enrollment schedule:
0000-29,999 – 2 votes
30,000 and over – 3 votes

Community colleges are entitled to five delegates. The governing body of the Iowa Association of Community College Trustees elects these delegates.


Nominating Caucuses

Nominating caucuses will begin on Nov. 17 at 5:45 p.m. Delegates will nominate candidates to the IASB Board of Directors for three-year terms in Director Districts #2, #4, #6 and #8. The AEA Representative seat is also open. In late September, nomination materials will be distributed seeking candidates in selected regions. Please visit the IASB Board webpage to learn more about serving on the IASB Board. 


  For more information, email Stephanie Rousseau or call (515) 247-7042.

Delegate Assembly attendees earn
10 Better Boardsmanship credits!

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Better Boardsmanship Awards.