Boardsmanship Awards Program

Learning and leadership makes a difference, at the board table and for students.

The IASB Boardsmanship Awards Program acknowledges the extensive time and effort required of school board members who continually strive to expand their knowledge and skills for better board governance.

Basics of Boardsmanship Certificate

One-Time Recognition for Foundational Learning

The Basics of Boardsmanship is composed of learning experiences that provide essential concepts and a solid foundation for school board governance. This curriculum is designed especially for new board members but anyone can complete the program to build their understanding. New members are encouraged to complete the Basics of Boardsmanship within their first year of board service. 
Attend an IASB Board Member Orientation Workshop and one School Finance (101, 201 or 301) Workshop to earn this certificate. No application required. Board members who complete the Basics of Boardsmanship are recognized with a pin and certificate.

IASB Board Member Orientation Workshop
This series of workshops are valuable for new board members as they "hit the ground running" and for experienced board members as a refresher of their governance role. This workshop is offered at regional locations during election years and is also offered every year as a pre-convention session. This orientation workshop is structured around IASB's Six Standards for Effective School Boards.

School Finance 101, 201 or 301 Workshops
These workshops offer guidance at an introductory (101), more in depth (201) and finally, an advanced level (301) of school finance. Each are offered yearly during pre-convention activities in November. Board members only need to attend one of these workshops to fulfill the requirement.

Congratulations to the 2016-17 Better Boardsmanship Award Winners! 56 board members, six board teams and six superintendents won this year.  See the full list of award winners and photos.

Better Boardsmanship Awards

Annual Recognition for Commitment to Ongoing Learning

Given in Honor of Carolyn M. Jons

Better Boardsmanship Awards highlight commitment to professional growth. Individual board members, board teams and superintendents/chief administrators/community college presidents can earn credits for the awards listed below through participation in IASB learning opportunities, a desire to take on leadership roles and engagement in service and advocacy. Credits are earned from September 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018.

Our Better Boardsmanship Award Credits List is a collection of the events, leadership roles, and service opportunities for which IASB offers credit towards earning the Individual Award and the Award of Honor.

There are three types of Better Boardsmanship Awards:

Individual Achievement Award

Board members are eligible to receive an Individual Achievement Award certificate for earning a minimum of 125 credits in one year. 85 of those credits must be earned in the Formal Learning category.

Team Achievement Award

A plaque is presented to a whole board when a majority of its board members receive Individual Award of Achievement certificates for the year and the board has a policy that supports board development.

Award of Honor

An Award of Honor certificate is given to each superintendent, AEA administrator or community college president who earns a minimum of 125 credits as an individual and has at least two board members in the district, AEA or community college who have earned Individual Award of Achievement certificates.

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