Why School Board Members Serve

IASB asked current Iowa school board members why they serve on their local boards. While we found there are many reasons why they are willing to give their time and commitment to serve their communities, there is one that remains consistent no matter who you ask—they serve to make a difference for the children in their district.  

Rob Barron
"The school board is one of the most important elected offices in the country. Boards ultimately make decisions that impact the lives of students. Having a board that is representative of the student enrollment is one of the best things a community could have going for it. Diverse boards bring more values to the table and help make better informed decisions."
Rob Barron, Des Moines School Board
Amy Truax
"If you have a desire to learn, then the school board is for you. There are opportunities to ask questions and gain clarity about the issues that impact the district. I really enjoy seeing students succeed--every time I walk into a school building and see students learning, working on projects, and sharing what they learned--it makes me glad I ran for the board."
Amy Truax, Aplington-Parkersburg School Board
 Molly Bergfeld
"I volunteer to be a school board member to represent children and contribute my background and experience for the future of our kids. It's a worthwhile commitment to serve because you have the ability to set policy and strategy that impacts not only current students but the future education that the district provides,"
Molly Bergfeld, North Scott School Board
Staci Heaberlin
"I enjoy being a school board member because I know our goals and accomplishments are for the well-being and education of our students in our district. It is very rewarding when we are able to offer programs for our students that will make them successful in the future, no matter what path they choose. I enjoy communicating with parents, community members, and students while also seeking input from all stakeholders in our district to keep us successful!"
Staci Heaberlin, Murray School Board
Murray Fenn
"I find board service rewarding because I can help provide opportunities for children in the district. I am proud of what we accomplish at the board table because it prepares our kids for postsecondary education and any career they choose. We are providing programs that encourage work based learning, internships, community service and leadership skills for our students."
Murray Fenn, Riverside School Board
Jim Green
"Working with other board members toward a common goal gives me a feeling of accomplishment. I've seen how we can improve education for children when we put our minds to it. It's gratifying being part of the decision making process and part of making sure our students have a strong future."
Jim Green, Grant Wood AEA Board
Liz Brennan
"The most rewarding outcome of board service is seeing the smiling faces of kids walking across the stage at high school graduation. Just knowing that I approved the new Spanish teacher that inspired them to take AP Spanish, knowing that I had one little bit of their life that I can be proud of, that's the most inspiring part for me. Graduation gets me through the rough spots throughout the year."
Liz Brennan, Heartland AEA Board
Nate Clayberg
"I want to be a part of the planning and strategy to help deliver a quality learning experience for everyone in our building. Being of service to the district is very rewarding when you can see construction projects finished and when you see students graduate and move onto their next steps. Sometimes we forget as a board the impact we have on students and families. When we remember why we are here and who we serve it makes the job so much easier."
Nate Clayberg, Jesup School Board
Nate Gruber
"For me, serving as a school board member is an opportunity to advocate on behalf of those who may otherwise feel unheard and unrepresented in district decisions. Working toward having diverse school boards is important because the experiences of minority and underrepresented groups can be so different from that of others. Having a seat and a voice at the table provides these groups the opportunity to give input on the decisions that affect our students and community."
Nate Gruber, Cedar Falls School Board