Issue Toolkits

IASB has developed these resources to assist members with district-specific information related to current legislative issues.


State Penny Sales Tax for School Infrastructure (SAVE) Toolkit

Items in the State Penny Sales Tax for School Infrastructure (SAVE) toolkit can be used to help craft your own message when communicating the importance of SAVE to the legislators that represent your school district.

Transportation Funding Toolkit  

The transportation toolkit provides information to help in advocating for changes that will create more equity in school transportation funding without impacting educational programs.

Supplemental State Aid Toolkit 

Use the SSA Tool Kit to help you talk to your legislators about the importance of setting a state aid rate as it allows your district to plan for the future.


District Cost Per Pupil Toolkit  

The District Cost Per Pupil (DCPP) toolkit provides details on the amount of per pupil funding that generates spending authority and revenue for the regular program and other programs for all school districts.

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) toolkit provides a timeline of the transition and an overview to help school board members understand the ESSA's impact on public education.

Educational Savings Accounts (ESAs)

The ESA toolkit provides resources to help spread awareness about the negative impact of ESAs.