2018 Day on the Hill

Tuesday, Jan. 30
9 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Botanical Center and the Iowa State Capitol, Des Moines

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IASB's annual Day on the Hill is your day to lobby at the Capitol in Des Moines. Visiting legislators at the Capitol sends an important message: Public education matters. Capitol visits can help legislators understand the importance of issues to their constituents and draw public attention to an issue. In the din of hundreds of special interest groups, clamoring for attention, coming to the capitol to meet with legislators and their staff can put a personal face with the issue and raise attention.
Day on the Hill gives attendees an opportunity to meet with their local legislators to discuss legislative issues impacting public education, network with education leaders from across the state and learn new advocacy strategies.

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Together, Let's Show Support for Public Education

We can make an impact when we head to the Capitol. But how? If each board member and superintendent/administrator wears a blue I Love Iowa Public Schools t-shirt, we can show strong support and together make a visible impact. Order a shirt on the registration form, and we'll have it ready for you to pick up when you check-in during the morning training at Day on the Hill.

Who Should Attend?

 Day on the Hill is right for:
  • Novice school board advocates—you’ll get plenty of support on what and how to be effective.
  • Experienced school board advocates—network with others and help us train the rookies!
  • Parents or citizens—invite a community leader to attend as part of your district team.
  • District leaders seeking a model format for organizing a hill visit. You’ll take home tips you can use to create a custom visit involving people from your district.

Key Features

  • Meet the members on both the house and senate education committees;
  • Learn up-to-the-minute inside information on issues being debated at the Capitol;
  • Make connections with other advocates that live in your area and build your network of public education supporters;
  • Learn about the legislators in your district and make a lasting impression by finding common interests that will set the stage for your conversations at the Capitol; and
  • Meet face-to-face with your legislators and share all of the opportunities your district provides to your students.

Top 5 Reasons to Be An Advocate

Not sure if you feel comfortable advocating on behalf of your district? Check out these five reasons you should be an advocate:

1. You can make a difference...and together, we can make a bigger difference. When more people show up to support public education, legislators take note and listen.
2. Laws are only changed or improved by those who stand up, show up and speak out. Thomas Jefferson once said: "We do not have government by the majority, we have a government by the majority who participates." Be part of the majority who participates and make your priorities the priorities of lawmakers. 
3. Policy makers need your insights and expertise on education issues, from a local perspective. 
4. Defense is needed too. If we’re not at the table, we’re on the menu. Your responsibility is to make sure the interests of public education are always at the table. 
5. You have a story to share about public schools in your district. Legislators want positive, concrete examples. If not you, then who? 


Early registration is $140 for IASB members. After January 19, the fee increases to $170.

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For more information, contact Michelle Johnson at mjohnson@ia-sb.org or (515) 247-7055.

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