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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Iowa Legislature has been suspended for 30 days, with plans to reconvene on April 15. We will not have any legislative updates until that time. 
This is your home for all things advocacy. Stay up to date on the legislative session by watching a weekly update with Emily Piper from the capitol, read bill summaries and then take action.

Bills on the Move

Bills Signed by the Governor
SF 2142 – Supplemental State Aid
Signed by Gov. Reynolds on March 12

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Advocacy Action of the Week

Several education bills advanced this week in anticipation of the second legislative funnel next week. One bill that would be a huge boost to schools is stalled in committee. The dropout prevention/at-risk bill, HF 2497, that allows districts to go before the School Budget Review Committee (SBRC) to ask for additional money to go to the 5% cap on dropout funds is stalled in the House Appropriations committee.

We urge you to reach out to your Republican House members, especially if they sit on the Appropriations committee, and ask them to talk to leadership and get this bill moving. Talk to them about the need for these funds, what services you would be able to provide students if you were able to spend additional dropout funds, the change in student and district needs since the cap was put in place, and any district specific challenge you're facing.

This bill would be a big win and another resource for schools to provide students the mental health services they need.

Bills That Did Not Survive Funnel Week

Opposed by IASB
HSB 503 – Fees for Copying Public Records
HSB 675 – Limits on Bond Elections
HF 663 – Education Savings Grant
HF 2019 – Pre-Use Inspection Exemption for Buses
HF 2021 – Rescind Rule Requiring Seatbelts on Buses
HF 2050 – Restrictions on PPEL
HF 2060 – Limits on Bond Elections
HF 2072 – Prohibition of Core Social Studies Standards
HF 2090 – Seizure Protocols
HF 2100 – Inclusion of Pole Vaulting at High School Track Meets
HF 2139 – Religious Exemption to Immunizations Info Provided by Schools
HF 2162 – Carry of Firearms on School Grounds
HF 2201 – Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity Instruction
HF 2261 – Vouchers
SF 2034 – Establishing a Bus Hub
SF 2056 – Seizure Protocols
SF 2057 – Appealing Grades Based on Political Bias
SF 2068 – Using SAVE Funds for Preschool Costs
SF 2206 – Vouchers

Supported by IASB

HF 2142 – Assessing Elections Costs
SF 2027 – Include Suicide Prevention Hotline on Student ID Cards
SF 2042 – Instructional Support State Aid
SF 2078 – Prohibit Use of Political Committee Funds in School Board Elections
SF 2217 – Statewide Preschool Program Funding
SF 2218 – Additional Weighting for ELL Students
SF 2222 – Establish a Poverty Weighting Study Committee
SF 2226 – Establish Voting Centers for Combined City/School Elections
SF 2246 – Rural Teacher Shortage Area Loan Forgiveness Fund

Monitored by IASB
HSB 506 – Open Meetings
HSB 555 – Employment Policies for People Seeking Office
HSB 616 Establish Cyber Crime Investigation Division
HSB 655 – Teacher Salary Supplement Follows Open-Enrolled Students
HSB 688 – CTE Programs
HF 2034 – School Board Vacancy Special Election
HF 2088 – Professional Development Requirements
HF 2149 – Water Safety Instruction in Schools
HF 2150 – Work Group on Hiring and Recruitment of Bus Drivers
HF 2160 – Transporting Open Enrolled Students
HF 2180 – Public Construction Bidding
HF 2242 – Prohibit Elected Officials from Holding Multiple Offices
HF 2349 – Establish Language Equality and Acquisition for Deaf Kids Task Force
SSB 3017 – Displaying Flags on Schools
SSB 3122 – Professional Licensure Qualifications
SF 2010 – Reporting Assessment Scores from Teacher Prep Programs
SF 2052 – Water Safety Instruction in Schools
SF 2072 – Salary Reports
SF 2074 – Employment Policies for People Seeking Office
SF 2102 – Applicant Priority for Teach Iowa Scholar Program

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