Legislative Summary

This 2020 Legislative Summary reports the actions impacting K-12 education during the first session of Iowa’s 88th General Assembly. The summary details what did and did not happen and frames issues for the next legislative session.

The release of this publication comes at a time when boards should begin the process of determining the 2021 IASB legislative platform. The IASB Call for Legislative Priorities was sent to members on May 1; asking members to review each resolution and allowing for amended or new resolutions. You should select four legislative priorities for next year during their upcoming board meeting. Priorities, new, and amended resolutions are due back to IASB by August 10 and can be reported to via the online survey form on our Call for Legislative Priorities page.

Please contact IASB if you have suggestions, concerns or other ideas on how the presentation of this information could be helpful to you as you advocate for and support Iowa's children. Your IASB government relations team wants to thank you for your advocacy efforts on behalf of the children in Iowa's public schools!