Call for Legislative Priorities

What: Review the IASB 2017 Platform for 2018 legislative priorities. Please identify up to four priority issues. You will be able to propose/edit amendments and propose/edit resolutions. 

When: Please reserve time during your May, June or July board meetings to discuss and complete the Call for Legislative Priorities survey. Why: The information gathered from school districts helps guide IASB legislative and grassroots advocacy efforts. It is especially helpful when speaking to legislative influencers when we can show them the data of what issues are particularly important to school districts in their area. 

How: Review the 2017 IASB Legislative Resolutions and make note of any issues or edits that are of interest to your district. Select your top four legislative priorities and then complete the IASB Call for Legislative Priorities survey. This short questionnaire will allow you to select the priorities discussed as well as submit new, amend, or remove resolutions.

Step 1. Review the 2017 IASB Legislative Resolutions

1. Download the IASB 2017 Legislative Resolutions.
2. Discuss the platform at your May, June, or July board meeting. Please identify up to four priority issues and make note of any edits to amendments or if your board needs to submit a new amendment.

Step 2. Submit your board's legislative priorities.

1. Submit your board's legislative priorities, amendments, and new resolutions here
Submission Deadline: August 11, 2017.