The staff of the Iowa Association of School Boards is here to serve the needs of IASB members and to represent those needs as a voice for Iowa public education. “Team IASB” includes IASB employees as well as adjunct consultants whose knowledge and skills allow us to bring enhanced perspective to our service. Please give us a call—we are at your service!


Lisa Bartusek
Executive Director
(515) 247-7072

Patricia Wright
Chief Financial Officer
(515) 247-7030
Stephanie Rousseau
Executive Assistant
(515) 247-7042

Board Development and Convention

Harry Heiligenthal

Leadership Development Director
(515) 247-7062

Mary Jane Vens

Board Development Director
(515) 247-7023

Lou Ann Gvist

Convention Director/Board Development
(515) 247-7064

Matt Vinsand

Convention Consultant

Tony VanderZyl

Surveys/Research Consultant
(515) 247-7044

Emily Rhodes

Administrative Assistant to Board Development/Leadership
(515) 247-7046


Tammy Votava

Communications Director
(515) 247-7040

Emily Archer

Communications Specialist
(515) 247-7036

Jeff Rohrick
Administrative Assistant to Communications
(515) 247-7047

Government Relations

Phil Jeneary

Government Relations Director
(515) 247-7027

Emily Piper

(515) 247-7045

Michelle Johnson

Administrative Assistant to Finance Support/Government Relations
(515) 247-7055

Policy, Legal & Human Resource Services

Siobhan Schneider
Policy/Legal Services Director
(515) 247-7028

Eric Howard

HR Services Director
(515) 247-7050

Marte Brightman

Administrative Assistant to Policy/HR Services
(515) 247-7048

Terry Voy

School Transportation Consultant
(515) 247-7043

School Finance Support Services

Patti Schroeder

Finance Support Director
(515) 247-7031

Shawn Snyder

Finance Support Director
(515) 247-7054

Michelle Johnson

Administrative Assistant to Finance Support/Government Relations
(515) 247-7055


Genelle Truitt

(515) 247-7066

Kevin Wilson

IT Director
(515) 247-7061

Helen Grage


Theresa Mahedy

Accounting Support/Clerk
(515) 288-1991