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Able II Training Sessions

ABLE II: Evaluating and Forecasting Through Superintendent and Board Evaluations
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Board President Virtual Get Togethers


IASB School Law Conference - May 15, 2014


School Settlement Data - Form

and IASB's Collective Bargaining Toolkit will help your district in negotiations. Both are now available!  

Iowa School District Employee Salary Data

Salary and data reports for various school personnel.

IASB Convention Vendor Directory
School Foundation Formula Task Force Report

Group offers alternatives to create more equity and transparency for school funding

School Board Member Handbooks
Director's Weekly Memo

Weekly IASB memos sent to our member school districts.

2013 IASB Convention Keynote Speakers

General Session videos (You must be logged in to view, this is an IASB member benefit.)

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Training & Resources

Safety Group Insurance Program Seminars - May 2014 [Register]
IASB School Law Conference - May 15, 2014


At the Board Table


Committing to Success for All Students DVD [Order]
Lighthouse Research Project Learning Tools
Leadership for Student Learning book [Order]
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Endorsed Programs

IASB offers a variety of programs and services designed to create savings and maximize resources, offering schools, area education agencies and community colleges the flexibility of using additional funds for student achievement efforts.

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School Board Stories

Iowa public schools are recognized as among the best in the country. One foundation for that quality is the passion and commitment of community leaders serving on the state's public school boards. These locally elected community volunteers personify the value Iowans place on excellence in education. Collectively, school boards are a strong voice for the needs of students through their state association, the Iowa Association of School Boards.

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Member Benefits

Did you know that IGrowth is a suite of data analysis tools for the study of district student achievement data?

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Related Sites

Legislative Advocacy Center

Advocacy Action Alert: Note to Lawmakers: Set State Supplemental Aid Before Going Home -  4/22/2014

Advocacy Action Alert - Legislature Needs to Fix Loophole in Criminal Law - 4/11/2014 

DE Guidance on Hours vs. Days -  Published 4/1/2014 

Advocacy in Action  - IASB weekly newsletter about the going's on at the Statehouse. 

SF 220 Early Retirement Funding Passes Senate - 3/18/2014

Advocacy Action Alert - Operation Sharing Incentives - 2/26/2014 

IASB Legislative Bill Tracker - See what bills IASB is working on for Iowa schools 

Cedar Rapids Gazette Editorial on Supplemental State Aid      2/6/2014

Register's Editorial on Supplemental State Aid     1/26/2014

Point-Counter Point  Updated 4/7/2014
This document was created for you by the K-12 Public Education Coalition for you to use when talking with your legislators. It takes the most commonly heard arguments as to why the legislature should delay setting the FY 2016 funding level and provides you with tools to counter those arguments.  

Facts about Public Education in Iowa - distributed each week during session to all members of the 85th General Assembly. 

2014 IASB Legislative Platform  Approved by the Delegate Assembly Nov. 20, 2013.   

Community Legislative Forums

2013 IASB Legislative Directory Use this tool to find which legislators are associated with your school district.

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