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IASB Section 504 Manual

A Guide to Understanding the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as it Applies to Students

This manual is intended to provide general information about § 504. IASB is available to assist member school boards and their administrators, board secretaries, employees and attorneys in understanding § 504. It is furnished with the understanding that IASB is not engaged in rendering legal or other professional advice. Please contact the school attorney if legal advice or other expert assistance is required. 

To access the IASB Section 504 Manual online, please click here. 

As an IASB membership service, this manual is provided free on-line to IASB members--K-12 school districts, community colleges and area education agencies. 

The Section 504 Manual as a Word document click here.

The Section 504 Manual Appendices are available here for your convenience as downloadable Word documents.

Appendix A - Equal Educational Opportunity, Policy, Exhibit and Regulation
Appendix B - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Requirement Checklist
Appendix C - Coordinator Job Description
Appendix D - Notice and Consent Letter to Parents
Appendix E - Parental Consent and Release of Information
Appendix F - Eligibility Determination
Appendix G - Strategies for Developing Accommodations Plans
Appendix H - Classroom and Facility Accommodations
Appendix I - Accommodation Plan
Appendix J - Sample Accommodation Plans
Appendix K - Sample Letter to Employees Working with Section 504 Students
Appendix L - Impartial Hearing Procedure
Appendix M - Glossary of Terms
Appendix N - Commonly Asked Questions About Section 504
Appendix O - Bibliography/Web sites

Updated March, 2011
Copyright 2011, Iowa Association of School Boards