Online Policy Subscription Services

Policy Reference Manual

The IASB Policy Reference Manual is an online subscription-based service that provides subscribing districts with on-demand access to more than 430 sample policies, administrative regulations, and exhibits (forms) needed by school districts to comply with state and federal laws and to effectively operate a school district. Subscribers to the IASB Policy Reference Manual also receive a subscription to the Policy Primer update service at no additional charge.

Online Access: Access the online Policy Reference Manual using your username and password from any device.

Policy Primer

The changes to sample policy documents are issued to subscribing districts via the Policy Primer, an online subscription-based service that provides a detailed description of changes that have been made to IASB sample policy documents contained in the IASB Policy Reference Manual. The Policy Primer is issued to reflect changes or clarifications in federal and state law or when a new policy is added because of demand regarding new issues in the field.

Online Access: Access the online Policy Primer using your username and password from any device.

For assistance with your username and password, contact Marte Brightman at or 1-800-795-4272.

To Subscribe: Members may subscribe by contacting Josie Lewis at, Marte Brightman at, or 1-800-795-4272.