IASB 2017 Fiscal Management Conference

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Thank you for attending the 2017 conference. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Opening General Session

Lessons from Wisconsin on Collective Bargaining
Nick Ouellette Superintendent; Shana Lewis, School District Attorney; and Tim Erickson, CFO, Hudson School District
Nick, Shana and Tim will share challenges, successes and surprises they’ve learned during their districts’ navigation of collective bargaining under Wisconsin’s Act 10.

Breakout Sessions

Choose from twelve breakout sessions offered throughout the day on a variety of topics, including union certification and decertification, getting board candidates up to speed on school finance, public school foundation tips, and community engagement. 

Breakout Sessions I

Legislative Recap: Debriefing the 2017 Legislative Session and Looking Ahead to 2018 - View PPT 
Phil Jeneary, Government Relations Director, Iowa Association of School Boards
Emily Piper, Lobbyist, Iowa Association of School Boards
Join Phil and Emily for an in-depth recap of the 2017 legislative session and gain a deeper understanding of how passed legislation will impact your district. Plus, find out what issues the legislature will face in 2018 and how you can get ahead of the game—educated, prepared and ready to advocate on issues important to your district.

New Board Candidates and School Finance—What Do They Really Need to Know? - View PPT
Harry Heiligenthal, Leadership Development Director; Lou Ann Gvist, Board Development Director; and Patti Schroeder, School Finance Director, Iowa Association of School Boards
It’s new board candidate season! How prepared are you to help candidates understand school finance from a bird's-eye view? In this session we’ll discuss strategies for preparing and sharing information to keep the conversation at the governance level. You’ll leave with a handy framework to help you select essential school finance concepts and tips to avoid drawing candidates into the weeds – even before they are potentially elected to the board.

Representation Elections: Changes to Iowa Code Chapter 20 - View PPT
Jasmina Sarajilija, Administrative Law Judge; and Amber DeSmet, Administrative Law Judge, Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) 

Iowa Code chapter 20 was amended by House File 291 during the 2017 legislative session. House File 291 requires the Public Employment Relations Board to conduct retention and recertification elections for all employee organizations that are certified to represent a bargaining unit. PERB will provide an overview of bargaining unit determinations and different representation elections conducted by the agency with an emphasis on this new retention and recertification election.

So, What’s Happening with Department of Education Facilities Data Collection? - View PPT
Gary Schwartz, Consultant, Bureau of Finance, Facilities, Operations and Transportation Services
The Department of Education has developed a comprehensive facilities data collection system that, when populated, will provide a detailed inventory of school sites, school attendance buildings, and additions to the buildings. The data collection includes condition of all school attendance centers and building additions. The due date for the initial data collection has not been established to allow school districts enough time to input data. Find out the latest updates from department staff on the status of this collection process.

Breakout Sessions II

Helping Boards Make Sound Decisions with IASB Data Tools - View PPT
Shawn Snyder, School Finance Director; and Patti Schroeder, School Finance Director, Iowa Association of School Boards
IASB finance experts will provide an overview of data tools available to members, including the Seven General Fund Key Indicators and New Money Calculator, and also share best practices for sound financial planning and decision-making.

The Salary Key: The Practical Solution to Moving Away from the Traditional Salary Schedule 
View PPT
Quintin Shepherd, Superintendent, Linn-Mar Community Schools
Are you struggling to create a sustainable teacher compensation package that values educational advancement and experience? You’re not alone! Join Quintin in this session to learn about a tool that could be used to move a district away from traditional salary schedules.  Attend the “Salary Key” and take home tips on how you can implement this solution in your district.

A Case Study: Thriving with Tight Budgets
Tom Rubel, Superintendent; and Marty Braster, Board President, Centerville Community Schools; Gary Sinclair, Financial Planning Services Director, PMA Financial Services
Is your district currently working through budget realignment or planning for budget reductions? Hear how Centerville Community Schools has successfully realigned and reduced their district budget, and how the board and administration worked with community and staff to ensure they were informed about district budget challenges.

Sharing Your District’s Fiscal Story
Cindi McDonald, Superintendent; Lora Appenzeller-Miller, CFO; and Mary Scheve, Past President, Waukee Community Schools; Dan Cox, Superintendent; and Scott Dight, Board President, Charles City Community Schools
How can you keep your community informed on fiscal issues impacting your district? Learn about tips, strategies and communication methods from two districts that are successfully communicating with and informing their community.

Breakout Sessions III

Best Practice in Creating & Partnering With an Education Foundation 

Robin Callahan, Executive Director, National School Foundation Association
What purpose does an education foundation serve? Should we start one in our district and if so, how? How do we help ensure the sustainability of our existing education foundation? Gain valuable industry insight and practical examples from someone who not only runs the national organization but partnered with her superintendent and school board over 14 years to create a highly effective local education foundation.

IASB Collective Bargaining Resources: Helping You Transition to the New Law
Josie Lewis, Policy and Legal Services Director; and Eric Howard, HR Services Director, Iowa Association of School Boards
House File 291 significantly impacted Iowa's collective bargaining law, as well as other areas of Iowa Code that impact employment in school districts. IASB is here to help you understand the changes and has developed resources to assist your district as you transition to these changes. IASB staff experts will walk you through these resources and how to make them work for you and your staff.

GASB74/75: Upcoming Changes to Other Postemployment Benefit Valuations - View PPT  
Hannah Rosser, Actuary, Healthcare Analytics Consulting
Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) 45 required school districts to report on other post-employment benefits(OPEB) in their annual comprehensive financial statements. Now GASB has updated OPEB reporting requirements in GASB statements 74 and 75. Attend this session to learn more about these reporting changes.

Maximizing District Resources Through Partnerships with Business and Community - View PPT
Darrin Strike, Superintendent, West Fork Community Schools
As Iowa school districts struggle to do more and more with shrinking budgets, non-traditional funding streams are helpful to consider. This session will explore how one school district partnered with local business owners and parents to improve facilities and enrich student learning opportunities.

Closing Session

School Finance Speed Dating and Networking
The final session of the day is designed for you to learn about a variety of topics in an informal setting and also gives you a chance to network. Pick up some helpful tips, get your most pressing questions answered, talk one-on-one with experts and network with your peers. Experts will be on hand from the following organizations:

  • Iowa Association of School Boards
  • Iowa Public Employees’ Retirement System
  • National School Foundation Association
  • Department of Education
  • Forecast5 Analytics
  • Jester Insurance
  • GASB45

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