School Board Recognition Month Toolkit

IASB sponsors School Board Recognition Month to recognize board members for their tremendous commitment to Iowa students. Even though showing recognition should be a year-round process, taking advantage of a designated month ensures these volunteers receive some of the thanks they deserve. This month is a great opportunity to build community awareness and understanding about the crucial role of your local school board. Arm yourself with school board member facts with this handy fact sheet!

We have developed materials to help you launch a successful campaign recognizing the education leaders in your area. The toolkit below includes everything you need, including sample documents, social media tools and tips for celebrating. Please fill out order forms to request personalized certificates and/or posters for your school buildings and public places. Through this IASB-sponsored campaign and corresponding materials, we hope to create awareness and greater appreciation for the tremendous impact school board members have on their students, schools and communities. We truly appreciate their volunteer efforts to ensure all children succeed. 


Resources to Spread Awareness 

Recognition Certificates and Campaign Posters
Please fill out this order form to request personalized certificates and/or posters for School Board Recognition Month. Allow 10 days for personalization and delivery. 

School Board Member Fact Sheet
Use this fact sheet to inform your community and media about school boards in Iowa. 

Tips for Celebrating
Use our Activities and Tips sheet to help you plan recognition for your local school board members. 

Sample Press Release
Customize this sample press release and send to your local media. 

Sample Letter to the Editor
Use this letter to the editor template as a starting place for your administrator to write a customized version and submit to your local newspaper. 

Sample Social Media Content
Share school board recognition month tweets and posts on your social media. Consider asking your board to provide quotes on why they serve, and share those on your social media as well. 

     For more information, please contact Tammy Votava at or (515) 247-7040.