Special Reports

Federal and state laws are constantly changing and the changes can impact the work of local boards. IASB Special Reports provide a resource for informing boards about current issues in education.

Early Trends in Labor Relations - Jan. 18, 2018

Growing Flexibility, Local Control for Iowa School Boards - Oct. 25, 2017

Iowa Supreme Court Decision Impacts Iowa Open Meetings Law - Aug. 10, 2016

Transgender Students in Iowa Schools: FAQ on the Law  - July 12, 2016

IRS Guidance on Cash Options and Opt-Out Payments for ACA Affordability Determinations for Large Employers - Feb. 16, 2016

Special Elections and Redistricting Update  - Aug. 10, 2015

Teacher Leadership & Compensation System - Feb. 12, 2015 

School District Responsibility Under the Federal Patient Protection & Affordability Act - Dec. 14, 2014