Iowa School Board Elections

Interested in serving on your local school board? 

The Iowa Association of School Boards (IASB) provides information for community members who are interested in serving on their local school board. School board members are elected by their local communities in an election held the second Tuesday of September in odd numbered years. This will change to November of odd-numbered years in 2019. 

The following toolkit can help interested citizens understand school boards in Iowa and their role, qualifications and steps to become a school board candidate, rewards of school board service and more. 

As you consider running in the next school election, think about what board service means to you. You can make a difference for students, your community, and ultimately the future of Iowa. Invest in the future--serve on your local school board. 


Toolkit for Potential School Board Candidates

IASB's 2017 Guide for School Board Candidates
This guide covers the need-to-know basics about school boards in Iowa, rewards of service, and answers four important questions: 
What Do School Board Members Do? 
How Do You Become a Candidate for School Board? 
What Do You Need to Know About Campaigning?
So You're Elected to Your Local School Board-Now What?

Please note that this guide has dates specific to the 2017 school board elections. The guide will be updated before the 2019 school board elections.

School Board Member Testimonials

Check out some testimonials from school board members currently serving on their local board. Discover why they serve and figure out if it's right for you.

Iowa Secretary of State's School Elections Resources
Visit the Iowa Secretary of State's school elections website for a variety of resources including:

  • Candidate's Guide
  • Affidavit of Candidacy
  • Nomination Petition

Board of Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Resources
Visit the Board of Ethics and Campaign Disclosure website for brochures on topics including: 
  • Political Advertising Disclaimers
  • Permitted & Prohibited Corporate Activity
  • Independent Expenditures/In-Kind Contributions
  • Duties of a Committee Treasurer
  • Civil Penalties
  • Out-of-State Contributions
  • Prohibitions in Use of Public Funds for Political Purposes
  • Guidelines for Campaign Fundraising


Become A Board Member
Watch this brief video to learn why school board service is so important, what board members really do as policymakers and how you can make a difference in public education by serving as a school board member.

So You Think You Want to Run for School Board? 
As you consider whether you want to run for the school board, hear from a current Iowa superintendent and veteran school board members about why they served, rewards of board service and what it takes to be a school board member. This IASB video is moderated by Iowa Public Radio correspondent Dean Borg. 

Ten Tips for the School Board Candidate
Thinking about becoming a candidate for your school board? Watch this video to learn about challenges and opportunities of school board governance. This IASB video also answers questions and offers suggestions on school board work.